Benefits of having water features installed on your in-ground pool

Even if you are not particularly an excellent swimmer, you can still enjoy a swimming pool. Having a backyard will help you keep in shape, not to mention that it is s fun place to enjoy quality time with your family. So, yes investing in a swimming pool is a good idea. Another investment worth considering is a water feature. Adding a water feature to the swimming pool does have some benefits. A water feature adds sound, texture and movement to the back yard. Water features and inground pools Toronto naturally go hand in hand.


The number one reason why people choose to get water features is that they like the sound. Have you ever wondered why so many people go visit the Niagara to see the water falls? The answer is simple: the sound of the water is calming. There is something very tranquil and relaxing about listening to the cascading water. This is why an in-ground swimming pool with well-placed cascading water features is a great addition for the backyard. It may not be as loud and as impressive as the Niagara Falls, but the sound effect will be pleasing. After all, you work long hours and it is not often possible to get away from it all and enjoy nature’s soothing sounds.

Beauty of the water feature

The sound may be appealing, but the main characteristic of water features is aesthetics. To be more precise, adding a water feature to your pool project will enhance the dynamic. The water feature will be pleasing to the eye and you have the possibility of installing basic standalone fountains or multi-level cascading waterfalls. No matter what you choose the visual appeal of the swimming pool will be enhanced.

The water feature will attract wildlife

As soon as the water feature will be installed, you will notice an increase in the wildlife on your property. Birds will start singing, dragonflies will dart around and the examples are numerous. The wildlife will provide many entertainment and educational opportunities for you and the entire family. You can also include plants in the design of the swimming pool decor.


Last but not least, it will be more fun to splash in the swimming pool. A basic water feature, namely a small piece of plumbing that connects to one of the pool’s returns can be manipulated and rotated. Therefore, children will have a great time spraying each other. You can pair the water feature with a waterslide and recreate the amusement park experience.