Bohemian Patio Decor

The bohemian style is the style that best suits artistic people, soft people with a dreamy mind who love lo live surrounded by simple and harmonized items. Places decorated in the bohemian style are usually serene and tranquil, with soft colors and fabrics, although some colors combinations won’t hurt. A bohemian patio décor must contain a variety of colors and patterns that may seem inappropriate to match at first glance, but once they are blended, the result is spectacular. Being a style of artists, it does not stick to the fancy rules of interior decorating and it creates daring combinations that may seem chaotic but are actually very beautiful to watch. A bohemian patio must be relaxing and it must invite you in, attract you with its impact and make you feel like you have reached a peaceful place. These being said, here are some beautiful and relaxing bohemian patio decors that will turn your patio into an oasis of relaxation.

Interesting patterns mixed with soft shades

This patio design is the perfect embodiment of the bohemian style, with strong patterns brought by the colorful rug with Aztec print and the relaxing sofas that invite you to sit and enjoy your patio. The mixture of fabrics and materials, starting with the metal in the chair and ending with the furry blanket on it or the rough wood table resemble the main characteristic of the bohemian style, which is the mixture of different items.

Natural materials embraced by strong colors

If you want to bring the bohemian design into your patio, you can opt for this décor that stands out through the strong pink carpet and the rough wood furniture. A carved sofa matched by two armchairs with interesting shapes represent the centerpieces of the patio, while the tree stumps turned into tables are the personal pattern of the owner who wanted to incorporate nature into the patio décor.

A relaxing bohemian swing bed

The bohemian swing bed is an excellent idea for a covered patio where you can sleep on a warm afternoon or even on a chilly night. Use a wooden pallet to form the bed and place a soft mattress, covered by a beautifully colored sheet. Hang the bed from the ceiling of the patio using four strong ropes and add some colored pillows to complete the décor. To create a warm ambiance that will allow you to enjoy the patio even in lower temperatures, install an infrared heater that will keep the bed warm with the heat waves it emanates.