Building Your Dream Garage

As a gearhead, your shop is your sanctuary. It’s the place that you feel most at home, your place to gather your thoughts and escape reality. Upgrading it to fit your needs can increase efficiency and productivity as you do what you love most.

Gladiator Garage Floor Tiles

Heavy-duty and durable, these floor tiles are a must-have in any shop. Not only are they attractive and give the garage a more professional look, but they are also a key safety feature.
  • With multiple colors and finishes to choose from, there is something for everyone. These tiles also come in various shapes and sizes, so you can mix and match to find a combination that works for your setup.
  • Not only do the tiles create a designated space to work on projects, but they also can help keep your garage clean. It’s easier to spot stains and spills so you can get messes cleaned up, making for a tidy and safe work area.

Car Lift

A lift in a shop is the epitome of garage goals. Useful and smart, a car lift gives mechanics freedom to see all angles of the vehicle when doing work on it. The benefits of a lift are many, but some key features include:
  • They are affordable. A basic lift system only will run about $1,700 to under $5,000.
  • A car lift saves mechanics from the struggles of bending and positioning themselves underneath a car. Back pain is a common ailment among people who work in the automotive industry. Convenience aside, a lift is better for your bodily health and safety.
  • Pricier options for lifts fold into the floor of the garage when not in use, saving valuable floor space in the work area.


For all the equipment, tools and parts that come with working on vehicles, a garage needs a lot of storage. Some of the best options for shops are:
  • Rolling workbenches. These are often customizable and have different add-ons to suit your needs. Surfaces are a must-have while doing work on vehicles because of the amount of stuff that is needed in the process, plus the mobility adds a layer of convenience.
  • Wall and standing cabinets. There are brands tailored to the automotive industry that are heavy-duty and made of metal rather than wood or MDF.
For all the work you do and the time you spend inside of it, shouldn’t you be happy with your shop? Updating your space can be an expense, but making a few changes here and there can turn it into your dream garage in no time.