Complete guide to decorating a garden with statues

When having a backyard garden statues are an enchanting way of transforming it into a beautiful landscape. People have to carefully place them in their back yard garden and they will instantly bring life to every ordinary yard. Average gardens become extraordinary when decorated with statues, and they allow their users experience the atmosphere of a fairy tale retreat right in the back of their house. When they are paired with furniture and ornamentation they can help the homeowners to create a unique garden, and this is the main reason more and more people buy garden statues, lately. However, to be sure that they buy garden statues, which would increase the value of their property, and transform their back yard into a sophisticated space.


  • 2 Shopping according to the context
  • 3 Find the statue place
  • 4 Create a frame for the statue
  • Complete guide to decorating a garden with statues


    Shopping according to the context

    The main aspect, which has to be considered when buying garden statues, is the context. People have to understand the way their garden is designed and look for statues that would fit into that particular style. For example, a traditional house and garden is the perfect place where to put the statue of a dog. There are Irish, Asian, Religious or Fantasy garden themes, and people can find on the market statues that are designed especially for these themes. In case the homeowners do not have an already designed garden, exterior designers recommend to shop the statues and to create the garden around it.

    Find the statue place

    In case the homeowners want to create the garden design around the statue, they can place it in the centre of it. Also, depending on the size of the statue, they can choose to place it in the front part of the backyard, even if they design all the space around it. In addition, in case they decide to purchase more than one  statue, and some of the pieces are complementary, they can be organised alongside with the main statue, or they can be spread around the garden.  If the garden is already designed, and there is not enough pace for adding a large statue, the homeowner can take a look at the items listed on online stores, and choose a smaller one which  can add an accent to an already beautiful garden. If the backyard is an open space, people can place a larger garden statue, like a big animal, but if the garden is smaller, a stone wheel will look great.

    Create a frame for the statue

    Even if the house features an already designed garden, it does not mean that the statue is simply installed in a place without any preparation. Just like a picture, a garden statue has to be surrounded by flowers and other items that make it look better. Therefore, before placing the statue in the garden, homeowners should imagine the picture of the entire space, and see what they should add in that place for helping the new addition fit in the landscape. A garden statue can increase the price of a property if the homeowners consider some basic rules.