Eclectic Interior Design

The Eclectic style is a great equalizer because it implies mixing old with new and humble with luxurious. It invites you to be creative and fill the interior with decorative objects that you like and unique finds in order to add a personal touch. Here are some ideas in order to inspire you to create an eclectic interior design.


With this style, the palette of colors can vary, but it is best to stick with a few neutrals to help tie all the elements together. For example in a red and gold room, creams and browns could be used to ground the palette so the beautiful design isn’t lost among the many hues. Hues like gray, tan or cream are good options as well for an eclectic room.


Colors are very important when creating this style. In an eclectic interior you will definitely see contrasting colors. You need a bit of imagination in order to combine them. A beige furniture with pink or purple walls will look absolutely amazing. For the dining area, you should go for a round wood table with a mix of seating spots such as leather chairs. You can also choose a circular coffee table which will beautifully integrate in your eclectic d├ęcor. Decorate your interior using only furniture pieces with similar lines, scales and shapes.


An eclectic look is defined by the multitude of fabrics, either they are textured, patterned or even both. Color plays an important role as well, in pulling things together in this design. Even though there is a variety of colors which can be used in the eclectic style, it is better to keep a couple of neutral colors in order to avoid a chaotic look with the other features of the design.


A good combination of textures and finishes sets an eclectic look apart from the rest. Choose a few must-haves to anchor the room, then start experimenting with lighting, accents, rugs, artwork, and other elements. Be creative and use light against dark and rustic against elegant, but don’t forget to look for opportunities to create parallels. Using some ethnic and artisan pieces will definitely serve as highlighted accents to complete the eclectic look. For an eclectic touch to the room, you can also hang a grouping of black and white photographs in frames that are all painted black but vary in style. In case you have a couch, then you should place a number of comfortable decorative pillows. Anything you choose to do, try to find the right balance.