Essential Home Modifications for Seniors

If you have senior parents or other relatives who live alone or spend the majority of their time alone at home, you surely are concerned about they health and safety, considering all the dangers that exist inside a house. With their skills starting to fade, seniors are exposed to various accidents, so some home modifications can turn out to be essential in keeping the seniors healthy and safe.

Stair lifts

Seniors start to lose their mobility and the resistance of their joints and bones, which leads to falling and tripping over things, and the stairs, in particular, are a major risk of accidents. Therefore, a stair lift will be a great investment that will protect the health of the seniors’ joints and bones. A stair lift will help seniors climb up and down the stairs easily and safely, without posing a threat to their health. This device consists of a chair or a platform that can transport standing seniors or those who use a wheelchair. With a stair lift installed at home, seniors can safely go from one floor to another without overburdening their bodies.

Modifications for mobility scooter access

The mobility scooter is a reliable means of transportation for seniors who start to experience pain and exhaustion every time they walk for long distances. The mobility scooter can transport them in safety and protects their health, which is the main reason seniors resort to the help of this device. For seniors who use a mobility scooter, easy access for the machine inside the house is very important, so they have to make sure their homes are mobility scooter-friendly. Ramps at the entrances are essential to allow them to drive the scooter inside with ease, the thresholds must be lowered to avoid bumping into them and the doors and hallways have to be widened enough to allow the mobility scooter to pass.


These items are very useful in helping seniors move around their homes without any risk of falling and they can be installed almost anywhere, from hallways to bathrooms to kitchens. Rails allow seniors to lean on them while they walk or when they want to use the bathtub, the toilet or if they want to get in and out of their bed. The rails are an essential support for those who use a wheelchair, especially when they want to get out of the chair in order to use the bathroom or to go to bed and can be a real life savior for seniors who can barely walk on their own.

Security camera

The best home security camera system can have many benefits for a home inhabited by seniors. A front door camera will allow them to see who is at the door so that they don’t have to go to the door for every annoying seller. Moreover, such a system will also increase the security of their home. If the seniors in question are very old, these cameras can be mounted around the house in order to allow a relative to keep an eye on them and quickly intervene in case of an accident. Read some security camera reviews in order to see which is the 2015 best home security camera system. Choose a model which is not only efficient but also easy to install and user-friendly.