Get the look – Scandinavian bathroom

Since the moment Scandinavian design appeared on the world stage of aesthetics, it was in a continuous growth. People prefer the Scandinavian style because it features minimalist elements, and it is perfect for the persons who want to achieve a fresh house based on contrasts. When it comes to bathrooms this style is perfect for rooms of different sizes, but there are certain rules you have to follow to achieve the clean look of this trend.

Work with contrasts

White and black are essential for a Scandinavian bathroom. Your purpose should be to create drama, so when you choose furniture items you should opt for items that make a statement. Black decorating items should be matched with white fixtures and rose gold piping. The Scandinavian design is based on contrasts, but it does not mean that you should use only black and white in your bathroom. You can opt for nude tones for the walls, like grey and tan, and darker colours for fixtures.

Inviting elements

The trademark of the Scandinavian design is its inviting element. This designing trend focuses on wooden features, because they create a warm and cosy feel. You can incorporate wood into your bathroom shutters, into the shelves and even into the décor. Also, you can choose hardwood floors instead of marble ones. If you want to bring drama to your bathroom then you can opt for stencilled wood.

Get the right bathroom shutters

Scandinavian décor has as trademark open spaces. You should have the impression that you are in an open space when you step into the room, so you should install windows to your bathroom. If you want to maintain your privacy, then you should install shutters. If you have a small window, then you can install shutters that stay open in the upward position. You can collaborate with a provider to custom make them, and in this way, you control the light and privacy of the room. If you have large windows, then you should opt for plantation shutters, they will still offer you sight to the outdoors, but they will help you control your privacy.

Metallic elements

If you do not want to use black and white when designing your bathroom, you can still create contrast if you use metallic accents. Metallic accents are a great way to add modern elements to your interior design. If you prefer metallic elements, you should ask yourself if you want your room to have an industrial look. You should mix wooden elements with metallic ones for a beautiful effect.

Include whimsical themes into your design

The Scandinavian style is different from the minimalist ones, because it also includes playful and whimsical accents. You can use white paper lights for the bathroom, and paint the walls in a grey shade, it will help you create a dramatic look. Just because the Scandinavian trend promotes simple lines it does not mean that, you cannot use patterns and vibrant colours. But you should make sure that you keep a balance between them and nude shades. Small pops of colour and patterns are part of the whimsical themes this style focuses on.