Healthy eating 101 – Learning how to manage your health through eating

We know it very well that diet influences our mood and health enormously. Today, it is very difficult to have a balanced diet. A crazy schedule, a busy lifestyle and running around, definitely have a word to say in this whole matter. The diet culture, the way we relate to and interact with food, all these also distract us from the simple principle of eating healthy. But there are some simple strategies you can use when interacting with food. These will make you a healthier and happier person, without too much of a hassle.

Macronutrients – what are they and why should you eat them?

Macronutrients are basically big categories in which foods can be split: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They are those who offer the most calories to your body and allow you to function properly. However, people should eat a balanced amount of each. To eat healthily and be in your best possible shape, you have to eat carbs, fats and proteins at the same time. Below we have a short list of foods from each category.
  • Carbs – generally, carbs have 4 calories per gram. All starchy foods have carbs. From bread, pasta, sugar, juices, even dairy products have them.
  • Proteins – the main source of proteins are meats. From fish to chicken and fish, every meat is an important source of proteins. Besides, eggs, diary, vegetables and tofu are also important sources of proteins, the nutritionists at Total Wellness Center Every gram of proteins has about 4 calories.
  • Fats – fats have more than double the calorie count per gram, as compared with carbs and proteins. Each gram of fats has about 9 calories. Get the fats your body needs from oils, butter, seeds, nuts and fatty meat, including fish.
Depending on your preferences, lifestyle and dietary goals, you should balance the right amount of carbs, fats and proteins you eat daily.

Micronutrients and why do they matter?

You may know micronutrients referred to as vitamins and minerals. From potassium to magnesium, iron and calcium, but also other vitamins, we all need a good amount of each. These are essential nutrients. This is why you want to ensure your diet is healthy, not only calorie-rich. For instance, although fast food meals do have a lot of calories, these are far from being healthy.

Getting professional help

When you lack a balanced diet, you want to seek professional help. A team of nutritionists will help you a lot. They can create a personalized menu for you, depending on your dietary needs, food restrictions, fitness goals, and more. Nutritional counselling is an important step in becoming a healthier and more energetic person. Being guided through your journey by an expert will make a huge difference. Learning more about food, micronutrients and macronutrients will help a lot when you want to become a better self. Make sure to also collaborate with a nutritional counsellor. Apart from designing a personalized diet for your needs, they will also offer a ton of useful advice when it comes to food trackers and so forth.