How to Care for Potted Plants in Wintertime

Winter is a difficult season for several potted plants: there’s a constant lack of heat, moist air, and light. During these colder months, many potted plants make the journey from the garden, the balcony or the terrace into the house. To ensure that they develop in a healthy environment, you need to pay attention to several things. Follow our tips if you want to keep potted plants healthy.

Heat and light are two essential elements

This is the source of most of the problems occurring inside. Light is essential to the good health of the plants; For this reason, we recommend placing the pots near windows. Often, the yellowing of the foliage is comparable to a lack of light. Plants suffer from the excessive heat! A high degree of humidity is needed for healthy houseplants. An acceptable compromise (still no question of turning our homes in coolers) is around 18 ° C. And in addition, besides taking care of your potted plants, you will also manage to save energy. The best way to make sure that the potted plant receives the proper amount of light and heat it’s recommended to use LED grow lights. So read the most recent reviews of the top rated led grow lights and choose a good artificial light for your plants. LED lights offer plenty of advantages. It’s not just a cheap solution, but it’s also a much Eco-friendlier alternative. Whether you are planning to grow potted plants in a greenhouse or in a terrace or a balcony, make sure to install several types of LED grow lights, but only after reading the latest reviews of the top rated led grow lights and seeing which are the best lights.

Pot size

When choosing a pot for your houseplants, make sure that it’s large enough to accommodate the plant. For example, a 15-gallon container will offer plenty of space for the plant to extend its roots and properly develop. In addition, large containers will insulate the roots better than the smaller ones. It’s also important to choose the material of the container. The best container to plant your choice of vegetation is one that is preferably made from ceramic or clay.

Watering the plants

Regarding watering, it’s best to avoid watering your plants so often. If you water your potted plants the same as in midsummer they will have the tendency to wither much faster. Wait until the soil is dry to the touch before watering again. It’s also important to increase the humidity. When air is heated, moisture is reduced: for plants, our homes are like large dryers. Install a humidifier during the winter and your house plants will develop faster. However, it is unnecessary to spray warm water plants, as recommended in the 1970s. The effect only lasts for approximately five minutes. So you should repeat this technique for five times a day or more in order to be effective!