How to Clean a Home Pool with Minimum Effort

If your home has a pool, you can consider yourself the lucky owner of summer’s biggest entertainment area where you can relax and enjoy a refreshing swim. However, enjoying your pool means you have to take good care of it and clean it thoroughly so it will stay safe and proper for swimming. Below, we offer you some pool cleaning tips that imply minimum effort from you.

Chlorine disinfecting

Disinfecting the pool is essential if you want to keep it safe for swimming, so it should be performed regularly. Most pools require chlorine in order to kill the bacteria and germs that often develop in the water or on the pool’s surface. If you are not sure how you can use chlorine to disinfect your home pool, you can ask the help of a professional pool cleaner that knows exactly how much cleaning substances to use and for how long. However, keep in mind that chlorine can be irritating to your skin and eyes, so you should avoid swimming shortly after you have treated the pool water with chlorine.

Pool skimming

You have probably heard about skimming the pool, an effortless process that implies collecting the debris from the pool using a skimmer, which is a long-tail net. You can perform skimming any time you see a lot of dirt, leaves, or algae in the pool’s water and the overall process is not difficult at all. All you have to do is be careful not to fall in the pool while skimming, although nothing bad can happen if you do. To make skimming more efficient, you can use a brush to remove the dirt gathered on the pool’s tiles, so the cleaning will be more thorough.

Pool brushing

Use a pool brush and clean the sides of the pool, the pool ladder and stairs. It is recommended to do this once a week in order to keep the pool properly maintained. Just attach the pool brush to a telescopic pole and swipe all the areas needed. Dirt and grime will be removed and you’ll be provided with a healthy and neat swimming place. Consider that stairs and other areas with poor water circulation require more attention. Following these steps will lead to a way cleaner pool and pleasant soaking without any potential health risks.

Robotic pool cleaner

The easiest and safest way to clean a home pool is to use a robotic pool cleaner. This device is a small-size unit consisting of a filter that retains the dirt and debris in the water. You can rely on its performance when you want to clean the entire pool surface, including the stairs, the walls, and the corners. The rubber wheels on this device help it climb the tiles and the powerful brushes scrub the dirt so the pool will remain perfectly clean. All you have to do when using a pool cleaner is start it and drop it in the pool and it will clean it without you having to stay around. The robotic pool cleaner is completely safe and can work on its own even when you are not at home, hence the robotic name. The automatic pool cleaner market is very versatile, with numerous models to choose from. This is why it would be helpful to read some reviews to see which of them actually do a good job. We recommend Logan Hewitt comparison . When it comes to pool cleaning, Logan knows everything there is to know, which is why his reviews are so accurate and helpful.