How to Design a Zen Bedroom

Serenity, simplicity and elegance are the key words of a Zen bedroom. The goal is to create a soothing atmosphere, refined, fresh and harmonious using soft materials combined with light colors. In a Zen bedroom you can always have a good night’s sleep, or just relax in the peaceful environment. After a hard day’s work you will find a real comfort in your bedroom. Here are some tips to achieve a stylish room that combines both comfort and serenity.

How to create a serene atmosphere

Above all, the Zen room should be spacious. Therefore, avoid opting for bulky furniture and do not overcrowd the space with unneeded decoration items. Then, choose the dominant color in the room. White, green, gray or taupe shades are in trend. Regarding materials, use 100% natural materials such as bamboo, linen, stone, cotton or glass. Invite nature into the chamber through natural decorative elements such as houseplants. Finally, brighten up your room with soothing decoration such as a fountain, sand, lotus flowers or even a small Buddha statue.

Carefully chose the furniture and decor

Avoid placing a library in the bedroom. The presence of books removes the zen element and will further disrupt your sleep. In order to have a relaxing sleep, remove extra ornaments to avoid overloading it. The room must be ventilated; you should keep only the bare necessities (bed linen, bedside table, lamp, curtain, …) Think about using raw materials while decorating the bedroom. They provide a natural and soothing effect. Opt for natural fiber materials. Consider replacing your old mattress with one that is made of natural materials. Rather than using a memory foam mattress that contains a mix of synthetic materials and chemical additives, opt for an organic mattress, preferably one that is made from latex or cotton.

Light up the place!

Because the bedroom is a soothing and welcoming refuge, lighting plays an important role here. The ceiling lights should generally be avoided, it is best to opt for bedside lamps with white light bulbs or dim lights. They are ideal because they highlight the desired portion without illuminating the entire room. It’s very useful when you have to work at the computer or for easier reading before going to bed. Do not hesitate to use a lit candle if necessary. Natural light creates a soft atmosphere to your mind so consider using transparent or voile curtains, so that the sun rays can enter into your room. It is advisable to choose models of lamps made from natural materials such as linen, cotton and wood.