How to Turn the Attic into a Living Space

There are many people who turn their attic into an extra room of their house from the need of having more living space, so there is nothing strange in looking for ways to redecorate your attic. Below, you will discover some of the most important aspects that must be taken care of when trying to turn the attic into a living space.
    • The first thing you will have to solve before turning the attic into a living space is the access way to it, which has to be safer and more comfortable than it is. Most attics are accessed through a small door that slides from its floor towards the level below the attic, usually with a ladder coming out of the attic, which is not the best access way to a living space. You should enlarge the door and build a stable ladder that offers easy access to the attic without the risk of getting hurt.
    • Another aspect you will have to consider when starting to redecorate your attic is the air transfer that is a common problem given that the attic is very close to the hot roof. Therefore, you will have to look for ways to maintain the inside temperatures and you should start with an insulation that will keep the air inside breathable. The insulation is good during both winter and summer as it keeps a constant temperature inside and avoids the air transfer from the outside to the inside.
    • The next step is finding an economical device that will manage to maintain a comfortable ambiance in the attic all year long without requiring a large investment or taking a lot of space. Based on a compact size, a low price, and an energy-efficient operating, you should opt for an infrared heater and a one of the best room fans, which would be a tower fan. These two devices are the most practical versions that use little energy and provide with efficient hot and cool air. The infrared heater offers a comfortable warmth that lasts longer without using much energy while the tower requires little space and manages to emit cool air on a wide area. Room fans come in different shapes and with different prices, but the tower fan is without a doubt the best type of fan.
    • Next, you will have to start decorating the attic to make it look like a comfortable living space and you should start with curtains and carpets. Dark and thick curtains keep the sun light and warmth from increasing the temperature in the attic when the weather is hot and manage to keep the cold from getting inside during winter. Both the curtains and the carpets help you dress the attic and offer it texture and color, regardless the purpose you are planning to offer it. Then, you can start furnishing the attic as you like, according to the type of room you want to turn it into.