Ingenious Vertical Gardens for Apartments

One of the best ways to maximize space when it comes to indoor gardens is to think vertically. With a proper execution, vertical gardening allows you to grow more plants or flowers and it definitely provides you with a stunning focal point. Check out these ingenious vertical gardens for apartments.

Vertical garden wall hanging

Crunched for space? How about putting the outdoors onto your walls without sacrificing surfaces. To create this amazing vertical garden wall hanging you need a vertical wooden garden frame as big as you want, chicken wire, cactus soil and miscellaneous potted succulents (the smaller, the better!). You can choose to plant ferns and moss inside it. This lovely combination of light and dark green leafs will definitely cheer up your interior.

Basket hangings

Another great idea would be to use any material in order to create small cloth baskets and add in it the flowers that you like. The growing options are endless. You can also grow herbs or different plants and you will save a lot of space. In case the flowers you choose do not have a scent, an interesting tip is to plant fresh coriander leaves between the flowers in order to have a lovely aroma in your house. For a lovely look, choose to combine flowers in different colors. Hang them on the wall using the screws and fasteners and you will definitely create an amazing atmosphere.

Cupboard garden

In case you have an old cupboard in your kitchen which you don’t use (it) anymore, then a good idea would be to transform it into a vertical garden. Just plant gorgeous flowers, herbs or other plants in it and your kitchen area will definitely look ravishing. For a better impact, the cupboard should look vintage and you could choose to paint it in a cheerful color like light blue,white or even green. This is by far, the most ingenious vertical garden idea.

Living wall

If you have enough space in your apartment and you want to create an entire living wall, then you should know that you also need an integrated water delivery system. Nowadays lots of people have started to create living walls in their homes because a wall like that will totally change the aspect of your interior. We have endless possibilities in design due the fact that lots of plant species are perfect for our green walls. It may be a bit to expensive to create something like that but it will definitely create a sophisticated interior look.