Installing Your Own Swimming Pool

Summer has arrived and with it oppressive heat. While ice cream and air conditioning can help, there is nothing quite like a swimming pool to cool you down. Most towns have a municipal pool to enjoy but having one in your backyard would be even better. Here are a few tips to setting up your own escape from summer.

Above Or Below Ground

Before you call in an order for water hauling jobs north dakota to fill your new pool, you will need to decide whether you want an above or below ground pool. Above ground can be considerably less cost and can be operational quicker but it is less stable and comes in fewer shapes. Below ground units are more expensive and take longer to construct but last for years.

Consulting the Experts

You will need to contact your utility companies before you set up either type of pool. You will also need to check with your city hall to make sure you have the permits you need and that the land is zoned correctly. Once all your paperwork is complete, you can start on your project. You will also want to have the lines marked and have the permits in hand to install a fence. Most cities and your insurance agent will require that you install a fence around the pool to keep others from using it without your permission and possibly getting hurt,

Prepare the Land

If you are installing an above ground pool, you will need to remove the grass from the area you plan to put it then level the area so your pool bottom is flat. You will want to take into consideration how you will empty your system when summer ends so you do not oversaturate your yard. If you want an inground pool, you will need to dig into the soil. You may run into complications that will require expert help such as needing to break down large rocks.

Setting Up Your Pool

Once the area is ready, you can set up your pool. With an above ground one, you will follow the assembly directions that come with it or you can call professionals who specialize in this. For an inground one, it will either be made of concrete, fiberglass or a liner. All these options will more then likely will require to be put in by a pool specialist and will require some sort of heavy machinery.