Myths about air purifiers you should stop believing

  It is impossible not to be advocates of air purifiers. Air purifiers make the surrounding ozone clean, eliminating impurities like dust. Taking into consideration the constant degradation and atmospheric pollution, they are more than helpful. Choosing an air cleaner is far from being easy. There are many factors you have to consider, like size, features, and location. Fortunately, For Healthy Air will help you make a decision. This site reviews the best products on the market, presenting you both the advantages and the disadvantages. Air purifiers are great inventions, but this does not mean that they can do just about anything. Many myths surrounding air purifiers have gained wide acceptance. In what follows, we will try to clarify them.

Air purifiers do not really work

Most people think that air purifiers do not work. What you should know is that advertisements do not lie. They take care of the polluted indoor atmosphere, capturing dangerous particles. Air cleaners are extremely effective and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. If you want healthy air, get yourself such a device.

There is no more need to dust

A common misconception is that it is not necessary to dust anymore if you have an air purifier. Although this is the last thing you want to hear, know that you still need to dust. The device picks up the dust particles from the air and prevents them from reaching your lungs, but it does not clean. You will have to get out the vacuum cleaner and the microfiber dusting cloth. And get to work, of course.

Air purifiers solve breathing issues

A great number of people buy air cleaners for their asthma or allergy symptoms. They believe that the devices magically solve breathing difficulties. In some instances, they do. Air purifiers remove irritating particles from the atmosphere, thus improving asthma and allergy symptoms significantly. There is no need to worry about allergens like pollen because the home will be allergen-free. However, you should know that they are not capable of removing all the impurities from the atmosphere. Even if your condition will improve, you need to take extra measures to get relief from allergy triggers.

Air purifiers are supposed to kill odors

Air purifiers are not supposed to kill odors. Well, not all of them. What the devices are supposed to do is to trap the aerial particles. If you want to get rid of odors from your home, you should look for an air purifier with a carbon filter. Or with a filter that is aimed at eliminating tobacco smoke and other odors.

You should never open the doors and windows

Not true: for optimal results, you have to open the doors and windows. The fact is that air cleaners work betters when the doors and windows are open. The air circulation helps eliminate foreign particles. What you should do is open your doors and windows at least one hour a day. Not only will the air purifier do a better job, but also it will not get clogged. There is nothing more important than health, so make sure you possess genuine information about air purifiers.