Preparing your backyard for a rainy autumn – tips to keep in mind

Autumn is still a few weeks away, but it never hurts to be prepared. Anyone who likes tending to their yard spends the last few summer weeks, making sure their little green corner is ready to put on its auburn coat. This includes doing a thorough cleanup, making sure plants are protected against the upcoming cold season, and ensuring rainy days don’t cause a little pond in their backyard. If you want to start preparing your garden for the autumn season, but you don’t know where to start, follow the tips below, and you’ll get everything done in no time.

Clean and cover your pool

If you have a pool or, better yet, a pond, make sure it is protected against the cold season. Do a thorough clean up of your pool, ensuring the pipes and the entire system works properly, then fill it with water and cover it. Drain the heat pump and lower the water below the skimmer level, but let your pool completely drained, as it helps protect the pool liner. Simply winterize the water, and you should be good to go. If you have Granitt pieces around the pool, make sure to clean that area as well and even cover it, as granite can be quite slippery when it gets wet or covered in ice.  

Autumn-clean your garden

Before autumn and winter come, make sure you give our lawn one last good cut, because it will be almost impossible to do so once rain starts to fall down every day. Cut plants and remove those who need to be replanted during spring, and clean out your greenhouse to prepare it for the plants that will be moved there. It may be useful to also give your Belegningsstein a thorough cleanup as well, to prevent dirt from getting stuck to the ground once temperatures start to drop. Pressure washing works wonders here.  

Safety comes first

If you live in an area where heavy rain becomes an issue during autumn months, then it may be worth installing a Støttemur to prevent landslides. This is suited especially for houses built high on hills, or right at the foot of a cliff or slope. Protecting yourself and those around you should come as a main concern. If you have trees that are too old or may become a hazard for those passing by, now is the time to cut them down. Heavy storms or blizzards can cause branches, or even worse, the entire tree to fall down and become a threat to those around.  

Protect your plants

The first cold days can come unexpectedly and really damage your plants, so you need to be prepared. If you know your plants may be susceptible to cold, then either get them in the greenhouse or somewhere inside, so that they don’t get damaged. If you have pots you want to leave outside, insulate them with cardboard, hay or even bubble wrap to protect them from rain or snow. The last thing you want is to get them waterlogged during a rainy week.