Rustic Garden Design

For many of us who live in a house, having a beautiful and welcoming garden is essential. Depending on your personal taste and on the size of the garden, it can be decorated in lots of different ways. Here are some inspirational ideas of how a rustic garden should look like.

Shrubs and trees

An authentic rustic garden involves planting native trees. They will definitely give an elegant look to the garden. This category of trees includes bristlecone pines which are good native trees for gardens. The evergreen needles and attractive pine cones are the perfect look of natural beauty. Nowadays, most people choose to plant common modern trees such as azaleas or rhododendrons. Whatever type of trees you choose to plant, they will certainly give a rustic look to your garden and their shade will offer you a pleasant environment during the hot days of summer.

The fence

When creating the fence, you do not have to surround all of your property with it. Make sure that the fence surrounds only one side of the garden and a part of the front. Doing so, it will be more than enough space to create a rural ambiance. Add a bit of color to your garden and paint the fence in green, yellow or even blue in order to make the place look welcoming and cheerful. However, you can also consider leaving it natural.

Choose the right flowers

For a traditional and cheery look of your rustic garden, several groupings of brightly colored sunflowers is a good choice. In order to bring some soft pastels to your garden, consider planting several groupings of larkspur or some stands of hollyhocks. Doing so, you will have beautiful shades of blue in your rustic garden. An heirloom rose bush will offer a sweet, perfumed fragrance and the created ambiance will certainly make you spend lots of time there. Add some whiskey barrel planters and fill several potting containers with beautiful and cheerful annuals in order to add a colorful sense of heritage to your rustic garden.

Rustic garden furniture

A rustic outdoor furniture will complete your rustic garden decor. The wooden garden furniture is the best choice and will make your garden look incredible. You can also get a swing and place it somewhere under the trees. It will definitely be your favorite element in the garden. All the pieces of furniture must be comfortable as well, not only beautifully designed, in order to offer you a totally relaxing environment.