Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas

The Scandinavian or Swedish style, as it is known, is characterized by ornaments in pale colors, rooms where white predominates and a casual, airy atmosphere. A Scandinavian house means taking advantage of what already exists in that house – old furniture, wooden floors – and adding simple elements to complement the look of the house. The key is simplicity. Here’s what you need to know on how to decorate your house or apartment in the Scandinavian style.

Color choices

The predominant color of the Scandinavian style is undoubtedly white. The reason why white has become the leitmotif of Scandinavian interior design is not a mystery: white gives the feeling of light and space, which is very welcome in the short days of fall / winter and long days of spring / summer. In addition, white is a perfect background for other choice of colors.White needs some extra in order to not be tiring or boring. And Northerners believe that black may be just “splash of color” necessary to invigorate the atmosphere. Sounds ironic? Well, the secret is in the correct dosage of colors and contrasts. And for those who think that the combination of black and white is not pleasing, well they have many other colors to choose from: pink, green, blue, even pastel shades are perfect to paint a room.


Wood is also omnipresent in what we call Scandinavian or Nordic style. The furniture, floors and walls are made of wood and ceilings have sometimes 2-3-5 wooden beams. If you already have wooden furniture, don’t throw it. It doesn’t matter if it’s new, old or recycled. If you don’t want to paint it white (or black), use some linseed oil to preserve the natural color and to ensure that it will last longer over time. Although the floor is usually painted white, this non-color can gather dust quickly, so you can opt instead for dark gray wooden floors, but also for lighter shades of brown.

Choice of lighting

Light is an important and very desirable element in northern homes. Color is not the only element that has a vital role in terms of brightness. The right choice of windows can make the space more larger or brighter. For instance, large windows, in most cases, do not have any curtains or blinds. However, when the night comes, opt for large lamps in the industrial style.


Regarding furniture, the main criteria that defines the Scandinavian style is functionality. The second one is simplicity and aesthetics comes about third. Maybe even fourth, if we consider that it is very important that being eco-friendly is very important, the possibility to recycle anything is welcome. You will often notice the use of wooden tables, metal cabinets with drawers and shelves to help you stay neat and organized all the time. North stoves and chimneys are also a popular choice.