Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

A teenager’s bedroom has to be more than just the place where they can retreat when they need to sleep. It should be a reflection of their personality and the place where they are safe, comfortable, and inspired. The teen bedroom design ideas that are presented in this post are particularly creative in their use of color. Let’s have a look at them.

Funky bedroom for creative teens

This type of room uses contrasting colors in order to bring an exciting energy to the bedroom. The yellow and black contrast is immediately eye popping and mood elevating. Also, combining black with white would be a great idea. However, having a study area and a nice sofa will complete the design of the creative teen’s bedroom, giving him plenty of space to relax but also space to focus.

Typical bedroom

For a more typical bedroom, choose a soft sided bed and create a study space as well, if the space allows it. The desk should provide ample room for a computer and for any handwritten assignments, and the colorful walls will give a special pop of youthfulness to the entire interior. Curtains must not miss. They should have the same color as the furniture. Hang some joyful paintings in order to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Dance themed teenager’s bedroom

This type of teen bedroom design is more adequate for girls than for boys. The walls should be painted in vibrant colors and the furniture should have a very bright, warm color. With classy ballet artists adorning the walls and the soft hues that look chic, this sort of interior should definitely inspire the dancer within. If you would like, you can use wallpaper as well. You can find on the market wallpaper with different patterns and in lots of colors. However, if this is a bedroom for girls, then it should be filled with feminine patterns.

Minimalist is the best

Decorating a teen’s bedroom in a minimalist style is the easiest thing to do. The furniture is simple and practical. It can impress with the superb use of different colors on the walls. There are very few elements used in a minimalist bedroom, yet the design looks quite complete. This is the perfect design for a small bedroom. Add some decorative objects that create a welcoming environment, such as scented candles, special photos or some flowers in order to complete the decor.