Temporary Decoration and Home Improvement Ideas for Renters

When you live in a rented house, you don’t want to spend a fortune on decorations and improvements on a home that is not yours, but you still want to live a wealthy and comfortable life with all the necessary items. Therefore, you need ideas that will provide you with comfort and a quality lifestyle with low investment and items that you can easily take with you in case you have to move out. Here are some temporary decoration and improvement ideas that will increase the quality of your lifestyle without affecting your budget.

Fake some paintings

If you like paintings, but your landlord won’t let you drill nails into the walls, you can still decorate them using removable washi tape. Choose your favorite photos and frame them in interesting shapes using this tape that you can easily remove without damaging the paint on the walls.

Cover the floors with rugs

If your landlord won’t fix those floors that you hate, you can easily cover them up with a nice rug. There are plenty of models that can help you either beautify the aspect of the floors or cover up a defect or a loose wood plank.

Build freestanding shelves

If you need extra storage space, but wall shelves are out of the question, you can opt for freestanding shelves that you can easily move around with you. This way, you will enjoy an additional storage space for your personal belongings without drilling holes into the walls.

Decorate the tiles with stickers

The tile stickers are excellent ideas that can enhance the aspect of even the oldest and the ugliest kitchen or bathroom tiles. The stickers cost less than printed tiles and you don’t have to remove the old tiles to replace them with new ones. These stickers will give the old tiles a facelift or can mask a broken tile.

Use a countertop water filter

You definitely want to use clean and safe water, but installing an expensive water filter may not be in your budget plans. Luckily, you can opt for a countertop water filter that is easy to install on the counter and that will purify the water running through that pipe. The best part is that it does not interfere with the main water faucet, so you can easily take it with you when you move.

Buy small air cleaning devices

If your rented house has air quality problems, there is no need to get sick because of this, as you can purchase an affordable air purifier that will eliminate the contaminants in the air or a dehumidifier that will solve the air moisture problem that can cause mold and fungus. These devices are small-sized and can be easily packed and taken away.