When should couples consider adoption?

Adopting instead of bringing into the world your own child is a big decision that many couples can’t bring themselves to. However, for many, this is the only scenario in which they may be able to raise a child. But besides the obvious fertility issues a couple might face, there are other circumstances in which couples may want to consider an adoption process. Below are some details on when should couples choose this path instead of having their own biological children.

#1. You or your partner face infertility issues

The most obvious reason for which couples choose the adoption path, is because they can’t have children on their own. Infertility issues have different causes from partner to partner. Their inability to procreate is in a strong relationship with the age of the female. Although until recently studies have shown that after the age of 30 the female fertility drops dramatically, recent research papers emphasise the fact that only after the age of 45 this phenomenon accentuates. After this age, the chances to conceive naturally, indeed drop dramatically. In our day and time, when women postpone having babies after their career falls into place, this is an immense issue. In men’s case, age and environmental factors influence their sperm count to rates that are not viable for natural conceiving. In these cases, adoption agencies San Antonio Texas claim that their couples rely on adoption, as a last resort solution.

#2. You want to save a child

The simple thought that a child will be rising in the system and not enjoy the true love of a parent is a strong motivator for many families to choose the adoption path. While some couples may be able to have children on their own, and maybe already have, they choose to grow their family with an extra member, to care for, love and rise as in a beneficial and loving environment. For many this is a life philosophy. Thinking of the number of children in orphanages and foster homes is a strong enough motivator.

#3. Some women fear pregnancy and the birth process

While many perceive these women as selfish and vane, there is a legitimate fear of the process of bearing and giving birth to a child. By acknowledging this fear and the fact that many children in orphanages won’t experience the selfless love of a parent, many couples are inclined to adopt, instead of conceiving.

#4. You are not involved in a relationship and still want a child

Sometimes, women fail to bond a meaningful relationship or to find an appropriate partner, but still want a child to raise and love. While there is the option of a sperm donor, many women will rely on adoption services as an easier and more suitable option for their particular case. These are some circumstances in which couples or individuals may choose adoption services instead of conceiving. Search for reliable adoption agencies, if you are one of those couples, as this will make the whole process a lot easier.