Yard Maintenance Tips by Season

Every season has its particularities that influence the aspect of your lawn, so you have to adapt the yard maintenance to every season. Read this article to find out how to take care of your lawn by season, so that you will enjoy a healthy and beautiful yard.

In spring

Spring is when your yard needs the most care that will help the grass thrive and obtain a healthy green aspect. If the winter leaves your yard with uneven areas, grab a shovel and cut the areas that are raised and fill the holes to make sure you will obtain an even ground and grass. Then, you can start planting the grass so that it will have plenty of time to grow during warm days of spring. Apply some fertilizer if the grass requires it, take care of weeds that might suffocate the lawn and water it properly to help it grow and cover the entire yard. Then, it will be time to mow the lawn using one of the 2015 top lawn mowers that will do the job in no time and will leave the grass cut at an even height. You should use the lawn mower as often as it takes to cut the top third of the grass without stressing the roots and collect the remaining clippings to turn it into organic compost. It is also important to use a lawn mower suitable for the size of your yard and the terrain that you are dealing with. In order to choose an adequate lawn mower, make sure to read the latest reviews on the 2015 top lawn mowers.

In summer

Now, you must water the yard wisely to avoid damage to the grass. Water in the early morning to prevent evaporation and fungus, water deeply and less frequently and if the grass ever turns brown, avoid watering it back to life because it will serve no good. Wait until fall comes and the grass will recover on its own. As for mowing, raise the blades of the mower to allow the grass to grow taller to protect the roots from the sun and leave the remaining grass clippings on the lawn to create shade. If you have mowing the lawn in the summer heat, there is something you can do about it, and it doesn’t imply getting up early in the morning to mow the lawn. The best solution is to buy a robot lawn mower. On robotlawnmower.reviews you can find a lot of informative reviews about automatic lawn mower. We were surprised to discover that these devices are fully programmable, being able to mow the lawn without any help from your part. They don’t even need you to pick them up and charge them when they run out of battery, as they automatically return to their charging station.

In autumn

The soil will need oxygen, so you will have to aerate it to help the nutrients travel through it. Fertilize the soil to encourage future growths and water the soil less if the season will be rainy. As for mowing, drop the lawn mower’s blades for the last two cuttings of the year to allow the last sun rays to reach the soil and the roots of the grass. There will be plenty of leaves fallen from the trees that will require immediate blowing, otherwise they will get wet and suffocate the grass.

In winter

The main thing you have to do for your yard in winter is to clean it from snow and let the soil breathe. You can either do it with a shovel, which will take longer and will cause you muscle soreness, or you can do it using a snow blower that is more efficient and easy to handle. Read some snowblower reviews and choose a snow blower suitable for the type of terrain that you have in your yard. As you will see in the snowblower reviews, smaller yards with leveled terrain can be cleared with a small electric snow blower, whereas larger yards with slopes may need a more powerful unit, preferably a riding snow blower. The snow blower can remove any snow amount faster and easier than a snow shovel and your yard will look neat even if the weather is not very nice.