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4 landscaping tips for office buildings

Are you creating an outdoor space for your employees? Here are four landscaping tips for office buildings that will help you create a beautiful landscape. 

Creating a beautiful outdoor space for your employees can have many benefits. Research suggests that time spent in nature helps increase productivity as it helps us relax and decrease anxiety levels. Besides that, it can be an excellent setting for your employees to spend some time together, bond, and become a better team.

Plus, such an outdoor space is also a great setting for teambuilding activities, which also benefit your business at the end of the day. For example, your employees can play sports, have picnics, or enjoy other activities that are meant to strengthen a team.

Here are four office landscaping tips you should know about when creating an outdoor space for your staff.

1.     Add plenty of nature

Sure, it may sound obvious, but it’s definitely worth mentioning so that you don’t end up creating an outdoor space with a lawn only.

Choose to plant as many trees and plants as possible because the more nature you bring in your office landscape, the greater the benefits from time spent in nature. Trees will offer a cool place to find some shadow on hot days, while flowers will enhance the site with their beautiful colors and shapes.

Pro tip: choose to plant native plants because they are often low maintenance and thrive in your area’s conditions.

2.     Create walking paths

Time spent in nature also encourages physical activity and exercise, which, especially in natural surroundings, contributes to your employee’s mental and physical health.

So, make sure that you use a Kantklippere to create walking paths and a Gressklipper Oslo to clean them nicely. Next, once the walking trails are built, you can clean them with a feiemaskiner. Walking paths will encourage your employees to take relaxed walks during their breaks, which will help them stay physically and mentally healthy, especially if their job implies sitting in front of the computer all day long.

3.     Add sitting features

Not all your employees want to walk around the landscape during their breaks. Some simply want to sit somewhere and relax in the sun while enjoying nature. So, make sure you add some sitting features such as benches or, depending on how large your outdoor space is, a patio.

Sitting features will allow your employees to relax outdoors, and they can also add as places where the team gathers to spend some time together.

4.     Create a space-friendly to wildlife

It’s doubtful that your office landscape will attract abundant wildlife, even if this would be amazing. However, your plants can still be a friendly place to native insects or winged creatures. If you choose to plant native plants, you’ll see that your space will attract pollinators, which are very good for any garden and hummingbirds.

Making your outdoor space friendly to the wildlife will ensure that you’ll have lots of visitors that will make your landscape look alive and full of beautiful colors.


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