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4 ways to Utilize Your Smartphone to Control Your Home

Gone are the days when you had to operate home devices like your coffee maker or clean the vacuum cleaner directly, today you can use them remotely from your tablet or phone, wherever you happen to be. 

These devices are starting to creep into homes already – and this is the only beginning. Check out the video below and keep on reading to find more about home connected devices. 

  1. Smart thermostats 

There’s a cool little device called Nest which got a lot of attention lately. If you remember the iPod, then you will be surprised to find that the guys who designed it created this really neat thermostat. It has WIFI incorporated and comes with an iPhone application which means you can control your home temperature from anywhere. If you plan to save this winter, but you don’t want to come home to a freezing home, Neat can solve that problem for you – and long before you get home. 

Once you start using it, this smart thermostat will learn your schedule and program itself to optimally save lots of money on utilities. Long are the days when you have to adjust your home temperature before leaving – Nest will automatically change the temperature for you when you leave, turning it back up when you get home. 

  1. Motion-activated security cameras 

A motion surveillance system is a smart system, and it’s almost better than cable TV. There are plenty of applications on the market coupled with compact yet high-quality security cameras that allow you to be aware of anyone in your house. These cameras don’t record everything. In change, they wait for motion to be detected and then switch on. The best part? It can alert you on your smartphone that it’s turning on and you can be anywhere in the world with live footage of your home right in your pocket. 

  1. Security system 

Remember that home security system you had installed a few years back with a control panel strategically placed by the master bedroom or garage door? Now with the availability of mobile computing and Webdrift, you can say goodbye to that old control panel and program everything through your smartphone. Living in an era of webløsninger, everything from receiving notifications to finding solutions to our day-to-day problems is now viable.

If you have the newest smart key technology on the market, you will be able to lock and send time-sensitive Filhåndtering to your friends and family if they can’t enter the building. 

  1. New improved lighting 

Philips’s new smart light bulb called Hue allows you to easily control all the light bulbs in your home. This makes a lot of sense if you don’t need to entirely shift to new light switches and lamps. Using these smart bulbs, you can change the colour of the lights, their intensity, set a theme, and of course, turn them off and on. This is more of a modern clap-on and clap-off light. 


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