5 advantages to gas stoves

So you are in need of a new stove for your kitchen, and are faced with two major choices – electric and gas. While each comes with its own set of benefits, it seems like gas stoves are taking first place in terms of popularity for a wide variety of reasons. Here are the 5 advantages that should determine you to go for a gas-based option and not an electric one:

Ease of cleaning

Stoves usually require being cleaned almost after every usage, so taking into account maintenance requirements when you are purchasing one is of course necessary. Well, if you research the topic properly, you will discover that gas stoves don’t demand a lot of cleaning effort, ranges being quite easy to keep in a good condition, just by wiping their sides.

Heat temperature control

If you love to cook, and do it on the regular, you probably know by now that preparing certain dishes involves paying close attention to the heat temperature. Managing to reach that perfect cooking temperature while using an electric stove is more difficult than one might expect, which means preparing specific meals by the book may often not be possible. Gas stoves, on the other hand, provide you with precision and convenient heat temperature control. Just by twisting a knob, you can reach your desired level of heat instantly, and broiling for example, will be made much easier.

Long-term costs

Money is always something you probably think about when you are buying something for the household. While initial price might play a role in your decision, what needs most of your attention are the long-term, operating costs. Well, stoves that use gas to function are known for being a more cost-effective option, natural gas or propane (the two fuel options these appliances use) are far more inexpensive than electricity.

Convenience during power outages

Power outages are unpredictable, and if you are in the middle of cooking dinner while a situation of this kind occurs, you probably don’t want your food to be ruined, or to have to wait for hours until the electricity comes back on. Well, some gas stoves will still work even when the power is out, as long as they come with a gas only mode.

Heating speed

Last but not least, if you are in a hurry and want to fry or boil something rapidly, this type of stove will make the better option. In comparison with its electric counterpart, a gas stove doesn’t need time to warm up, reaching the heat temperature desired instantly. Also, once turned off, you can keep your pan on the range without worrying your food will be burned, because it will cool quite fast, something you are not able to do if you install an electric device. If you have been contemplating on whether to purchase a gas stove, or to opt for its electric alternative, now you have more information to actually reach a reliable decision. Considering the many powerful advantages a gas stove comes with, this will make the perfect investment, and an extremely useful addition to your household.