All Things St. Augustine

If you are considering re-sodding your lawn with St. Augustine, save yourself time, money and a whole lot of frustration by researching the ideal conditions and care for this type of grass. Sprucing up your yard can be overwhelming. Not to worry, use the following tips to help you decide if St. Augustine is the right choice for the yard of your dreams.

St. Augustine Does Well in Warm, Tropical Climates

When choosing the right sod for your lawn, keep your area’s weather patterns in mind. In this case, St. Augustine flourishes in the heat and humidity of the Deep South. This type of sod also tolerates the salty soil near the coast well, if you are considering st augustine sod jacksonville fl. Remember to take in to account the proper maintenance needed to ensure a beautiful yard. Each season will bring about a different variety of tasks and appropriate upkeep when it comes to watering and fertilizer. With this being said, having an annual lawn care plan can be a beneficial tool to have at your disposal. Make sure any expectations you may have for your outdoor area adds up to what St. Augustine brings to the table. Temperature is a huge component in having a healthy, green yard, and it is essential to understand St. Augustine stays active only in warm temperatures.

Pick a Type of St. Augustine That Is Tailored To Your Needs

There are many varieties of St. Augustine that can be chosen based on your specific needs. Study your lawn’s shade patterns and characteristics to help you decide on the type of sod that will work best for you. The amount of sunlight your space receives is a topic to discuss with your landscape professional or to take into consideration if you are planting yourself. Having an overall understanding of how the sun hits your lawn is a critical component in how your new grass will grow.

With so many details to consider, choosing sod can quickly become a daunting task. There is nothing quite like the feeling of grass between your toes, not to mention a good looking yard will give you a great sense of accomplishment. Have you ever seen a yard that makes you say, “That grass looks so soft I just want to roll in it!”? Your grass can undoubtedly be just as noticeable with a little extra tender loving care. No green thumb necessary!