Asian Superfruits That Will Help Your Health Immensely

It’s already middle of 2018, and most people are already living the health goals they made at the start of the year. But if yours hasn’t quite progressed as you’d have wanted, here’s a carefully selected list of Asian fruits to help your efforts. Asia and especially South East Asia is home to tons of exotic fruits. In season, they are really cheap and can make for great snacking. The typical Asian fruit is world famous for its nutritional characteristics. Why else do you think Asians who consume them in plentiful supply have the longest life expectancies globally? These fruits are surprisingly reservoirs of health delights, taste great, and will keep you in shape. Dragon fruit The fierce name and color of this fruit serve to inform you at first glance how special this fruit is. You will be surprised though to find out ironically, that it has a mild taste. Food scientists and researchers from Malaysia’s University Putra have found out that it contains a wide array of essential fatty acids, 50 percent of which is oleic acid, which functions to lower levels of LDL (low-density lipoproteins) and raise high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels. This superfruit is found mainly in Asia, but you can be able to buy some at your local Chinese store or farmer’s market. Cantaloupe  The cantaloupe originates from Iran and is incredibly rich in Vits A and C. It contains beta-carotene useful for developing and maintaining good eyesight, and lots of potassium that aid in transporting oxygen to the brain. This juicy Asian fruit can be eaten as or along with breakfast or used as on-the-go mid-day snacks. The cantaloupe also possesses high levels of folate and carotenoids and can be a good ameliorator of the harmful effects of reckless lifestyle practices like smoking due to its inherent high flavonoid content. It also serves as an anti-inflammatory agent, and when applied topically, can be great at reducing pimples and soothing burns.  Kiwi  Kiwi, grown traditionally in China, packs more Vit C than an orange. This superfruit is a strong cancer and blood pressure fighter because of its plentiful vitamin C and fiber content. It also contains decent amounts of folic acid and Vitamin E that make it a go-to fruit for leading cosmetic companies. Kiwi is high in fiber, and its skin is loaded with complex carbohydrates. This helps reduce constipation issues and promotes bowel movement. Persimmon Persimmon is touted as The Divine Fruit among the Chinese. Persimmons are packed full with phosphorous, calcium and the right combinations of Vitamin A and C. They are an abundant source of flavonoids and phytochemicals. Great for fighting diabetes and hypertension, they also develop skin tone and complexion. They are known to increase red blood cells production and improve vision. A lot of these can be found fresh or frozen at Asian grocery stores and farmer’s markets or on online shops like Asian Foodie Supermarket.  Consuming them will not only add excitement to your diet, but they’ll also make sure you stay in shape, inside and out.