Avoid the Christmas shopping madness with these simple DIY decorations

Christmas is supposedly the most wonderful time of the year, but if you’re over 25, you probably know that the dreaded holiday shopping will take away from your Christmas spirit. There’s something about Christmas that makes people agitated and fills up supermarkets, making it impossible to do your shopping without feeling like a bundle of nerves. If you want to decorate your home in a unique style for Christmas, but have neither the budget nor the patience for home décor stores, these simple DIY ideas will help you out:  

Festive ribbons

Whether it’s from fashion projects or gift wrapping, you probably have a few meters of ribbons around the house, so why not use it to create some festive Christmas hanging decorations for your curtains? All you have to do make bows (lurex ribbon works best for this because it has texture, but with a bit of skill you can use satin ones as well) and pin them to your curtains. For an extra festive touch, apply a thin layer of glue and then sprinkle some coloured glitter on top! If you have some extra pieces of ribbon left, you can always use them to adorn the tree.  

Pine cones and mason jars

Pine cones are very easy to find in wintertime and you can use them in a variety of ways to create vintage Christmas decorations. For instance, you can place a few pine cones inside a mason jar together with a string of fairy lights and wrap a string of bow around the jar head. This is a timeless idea that works perfectly for the Christmas dinner table setting. Or, you can use short strings of rope to hang them around the house.  

DIY Christmas candles

Do you love the smell of Christmas, but find scented candles to be overpriced? You’re completely right. Scented candles are not only expensive, but breathing them in for too long is also dangerous for your lungs, so it’s a better idea to make your own Christmas-scented candles using natural ingredients. Place some coffee beans with a vanilla bean or cinnamon stick and leave room for a candle tealight. As the light of the candle warms up the mix, a lovely sweet winter scent will fill up the house, which will smell like your favourite coffee shop!