The Benefits of Replacing an Air Conditioner

Summer is right around the corner. After taking in a baseball game or decamping from a day at the beach, it can be so nice to return to your air-conditioned home which serves as a welcome respite when it is especially hot and humid outside. Like all products, however, an air conditioner eventually reaches the end of its useful life. If you could be in the market for AC replacement Tampa this season, there are a number of benefits associated with investing in a brand new unit that are sometimes unexpected and even a pleasant surprise.

Cooler Air Output

Perhaps the most obvious benefit that you might notice right away is that the conditioned air produced by a new unit will quite probably be cooler. As air conditioners age, they do not always cool the air as much as a homeowner would like for a variety of reasons. With the installation of a new air conditioner, the homeowner should enjoy cooler air and the increased comfort that comes with it.

Cleaner Indoor Air

Air conditioners are best known for cooling the air down, but they also play a vital role in circulating and filtering the ambient air in the room, thereby providing the additional benefit of removing pollutants (e.g., dust, pollen, pet dander) from the inside air. Improved indoor air quality is especially beneficial to anyone who suffers from a respiratory illness, including allergies or asthma. A new air conditioner should provide superior air purification as compared to an older unit that could be over a decade old.

Lower Utility Bills

A new air conditioning system will almost certainly offer greatly improved energy efficiency depending on how old your current unit is based upon advances in technology. Greater energy efficiency leads to a reduction in energy consumption which, in turn, lowers your monthly power bill from the utility company. Over time, a new AC unit can almost pay for itself in reduced electricity usage and the concomitant savings in your wallet.

Increased Home Resale Value

A new air conditioner increases the value of your home upon installation. Thus, if there is a chance that you might place your house on the market within the first few years after upgrading your AC system, you can include this fact in the marketing materials for the real estate listing as potential buyers love seeing recent HVAC installations. The installation of a new air conditioning unit can offer many benefits versus repairing an outdated model. Indeed, a new AC system often produces a highly beneficial return on the investment.