Catchy pavement signs ideas that no one will be able to ignore

Having a small business requires a lot of marketing to gain new customers and keep the ones you already have loyal. What else can catch your attention more than something that you see while walking down the street? Pavement signs are a great way to stop the people on the street and make them come inside your shop or restaurant to pay money for your products or services. Using your creativity and marketing placement techniques, you can make sure that your pavement signs are noticeable enough for everyone to see your message.

1.      Choose your type

There are many types of pavement signs that you can choose from. However, the most used ones are chalkboard signs, A board signs and swing board signs. Choose the one that is the most suitable for the product you want to promote. For example, if you want to place it in front of your restaurant, a chalkboard is more suitable for you because you are going to change the message written on it pretty often.

2.      Give direction

Maybe your shop’s door is not so easy to find because it is not right on the main street. Pavements signs are useful tools to point the direction of your shop or restaurant. Moreover, place it in the spot that is the most crowded and point it to the direction where most of the people are passing by to make sure that it is noticed by as many people as possible.

3.      Message

The most important aspect that you have to consider in order to have a catchy pavement sign is the message that you choose to write on it. It should be something creative, funny and representative to your business. You can write a joke, motto or the special offers that you have at the moment, next to your company’s name.  

4.      Colourful

Undoubtedly, colourful signs are more likely to be noticed and memorised than the ones that are mostly black or white. Of course, it depends on what you do the marketing for because if you have, for example, a law firm, you need to choose a colour that gives the impression of formality and professionalism which is better expressed with a dark colour.

5.      Legible writing

Since we told you about the importance of a catchy message, people on the street need to see what exactly is written on the sign that you display in front of your shop, that is why you need to make sure that the writing is legible enough without too many special effects that will make it hard to read. Even if you think that pavements signs are not so useful anymore since announcements on social media seem to be more popular, but because there is so much information shared there, your message can get lost easily. We assure you that a funny comment on a chalkboard has a bigger impact on the interest of the possible clients that will want to come and see what is your business about.