Chlorine in the Drinking Water Supply – Beneficial or Perilous to Our Health?

We all know that water is the most important resource in humans lives. This is why we want it to be healthy and safe for our bodies. In order to do this we apply the chlorination method. This practice is used to eliminate bacillus and germs in water supplies. Chlorine is used by people to avoid diseases like dysentery, giardia, typhoid, etc. But does chlorine bring beneficial or perilous effects to our health? Does it matter the quantity of chlorine used? Is it toxic or not? We will offer you some information regarding the issue of chlorine in the drinking water supplies.

Disinfecting our water

The most common method to disinfect water supplies is chlorination. Water supplies are disinfected in order to eliminate the germs that can cause critical problems in our health. The process of disinfecting water supplies depends on many features such as its effectiveness against germs, its capacity to make a residual that furnishes a measure of protection against contamination, the quality of the treated water and the available technology required for public water supplies. Economic features are also important. Disinfection in chlorination can be sometimes tricky because chlorine can take contact with some biological mixtures found in the water supplies to make compounds such as disinfection by-products. In big quantities, they can slow the brain activity and sleepiness. Their chronic use can cause cancer and heart diseases.

Advantages of chlorine in water supplies

Let’s see the benefits of water supplies chlorination. Firstly, chlorine represents a very good source of eliminating bacteria and germs in the water. You can find chlorine everywhere because it is commercially available, and another important feature is that it is non-expensive. It is mostly used to disinfect swimming pools, outpourings and other sources of water.

Disadvantages of chlorine in water supplies

It is true that there are more cons than pros. Even though chlorine acts very good against bacteria and another type of bacillus, it can also damage our health. Chlorination of drinking water is an increasingly common process. We do that because we think it is healthy but there are a lot of disadvantages. Some studies of human health discovered that chlorine in drinking water can increase the risk of cancer. It represents a potential health hazard to both adults and children. Children that drink chlorinated water can suffer asthmatic attacks. This chlorinated water can also irritate our organism, burn the throat and eyes. People tend to use chlorine because it is cheap and they can find it everywhere but this does not mean that it is the healthiest method to maintain your water fresh. Small quantities of chlorine are not a big deal, but what if we tend to use it more often? Chlorine is known as a pesticide that is used to kill the living organisms. Not only the drinking of chlorinated water can cause health problems but also when showering. For instance, we all know that a warm shower opens up all of our pores. When this happens, chlorine acts very quickly and in that moment we inhale a lot of chemicals. Also, its smell and taste are putting our lives in risk.

Whole house water filters

After noticing that we have more harmful than beneficial effects, it’s time to protect ourselves. You may ask how we can make this possible? The answer is very simple. Whole house water filters are the key to a healthy water life. These type of filters are made of many cartridges that deal with a lot of pollutants, such as the bad odor. They are very well conceived for the people who want to prevent the water problems; this way, chlorine is removed immediately it enters in the water system. Using a whole house water filter lessens the risk of asthma and allergies, also filtered water through the whole house water filters gets you rid of showering in harmful water or drinking it. With this type of filters your water will be cleaner and safer and its taste and smell will be better immediately. Whole house water filters are easy to install and maintain, just notice that water filters are not equal, they have particular components. It is true that they are a little bit expensive but they are the best option for every type of house and they fit everywhere easily, more than this do not forget their advantages. Hoping that our piece of advice was helpful for everyone who wants their water to be safe and healthy, it just remains to choose the adequate whole house water filter and you will see that the quality of the drinking water will improve rapidly.