Clever Ideas for Converting the Basement into a Living Space

If you are living in a small house, remodeling your house and creating more space seems like a good solution to make the house more larger. It is not necessary to build a separate room in the house. If you want to create a guest room or a another bedroom, consider converting your basement into a living space where you will spend valuable time with your family. Here are some easy and useful tips to convert the basement into a functional room.

Make a plan

If you want to do a neat job and make sure that your basement will be turned into a functional living space, take some time to make a sketch and think about how you like your future bedroom/kitchen/ office and so on to look. It’s very important to plan things ahead and stick with a theme or style. For instance, if you are planning to convert the basement into an bedroom, make sure that you have enough space in order to place a king sized bed, a large wardrobe, some lounge chairs and why not even a bookcase. On the other hand, if you want to turn it into a gym area, consider installing the fitness equipment first. Place heavy machines, like a treadmill or a stepper first and then other items. If you’re not too sporty but you still want to stay in shape, a treadmill is the only thing you’ll need.

Improve the air quality in the basement

You all know that the air quality in a basement isn’t always good. So before investing in expensive furniture, electronic and all sorts of gadgets, take some time to fix other important issues. For example, if you are dealing with dry air, it’s recommended to buy an humidifier. However, most homeowners are struggling to decrease the humidity in a room and get rid of allergens and mold spores that can cause several health concerns. The best solution is to install a basement dehumidifier so that the health and overall well-being of your entire family is not in danger anymore. Since there are several types of basement dehumidifiers, use the reviews posted on in order to compare them and choose one suitable for the particular environment in your basement (based on the basement’s size and average temperature).

Carefully chose the furniture and decoration items

The last step is also the most fun: go shopping! Ask a family member or a close friend to join you when shopping for your new furniture or electronics, because a second opinion is very important here. Don’t settle for anything, and don’t choose the first coffee table or sofa that you first notice when entering a store. You’ll have to think about other aspects, such as durability, efficiency, functionality, etc. The appearance matters indeed but if you are planning to use this space for a long time, you’ll have to make sure that the furniture is sturdy enough to last for a life time. Last but not least, choose decorations that will complement the room, such as colored cushions that will add a pop of color or a golden mirror to add a touch of style in the room.