Common window problems – how to solve them

It is commonly know that windows do not last forever. There are various problems that might affect their good condition and people have to pay great attention to them. Whether it is about the window frames, the sashes or the handles, people should know how to deal with these issues, to learn when they need to replace their old windows and when to repair them. Many websites such as provide window replacement parts, so in case you are interesting in replacing some sashes for instance, you should definitely access this website. Below are the most common window problems and some useful tips on how to deal with them.

Rotten window frames

One of the most common problems people face in the case of wood sash windows is the rotting frames. With time, wood rots, especially of you live in a region where there is humid weather most of the time. This might cause air leaks and allow water to come into your house. It is recommended in this situation to replace your windows completely if the rot has expanded too much.

Broken seals

It is possible for the seals to be destroyed by thermal expansions and contractions. This allows condensation to install between panes and it might be difficult to save the panes. However, the best solution in this situation is to replace the sash in order to preserve the frame and give the window a fresh look. This is more cost-effective that replacing the entire window.

Broken windows

It can happen for the windows to crack or to get scratches, due to storm damage or some abrasive cleaners. In this case, there is not much to do so, without doubt, you should replace the windows. It is true that this might cost you a great deal of money, but it is not recommended to live in a house that has broken windows. As a result, you should look for suppliers that provide the same type of windows that you have installed in the rest of your house in order to maintain the same aspect.

Windows that will not open

This mostly happens right after you paint the windows. It is true that paint is used to give a fresh and new look to a house and to protect the wood, but you should bear in mind that paint can act as glue too. This way, sashes might get stuck after the windows are painted. In order to make them operate smoothly again, you can use a putty knife, but make sure you do not damage the newly painted window. There is no need to replace anything in this case.

Draughty windows

Due to loose sashes or rotten wood, windows can deteriorate so much that air can easily rush in and out and create gaps. Draught is good neither for you, nor for the house. If the gaps are small, you might not need to replace the entire window, so you can repair it and save some money. However, in case the gap is too big, you should consider replacing your window.