Dangerous Toxins and Bacteria that Might Be Hiding in Your Home

Most homeowners assume that the environment in which they live is completely safe and that there are no dangers inside their home. The reality is completely different. There are many silent killers hiding in many houses, so it’s crucial to find ways to get rid of any dangerous toxins and bacteria that may cause several health concerns. Here’s what you need to know.


Phthlates are found in several common household items, such as dish soaps, toilet paper and so on. Basically almost everything that contains the word “fragrance” has phtalates. This chemical compound can present some health risks. For instance, according to major studies, phthlates can cause erectile dysfunctions and respiratory problems. The best way to get rid of these chemicals is to use an air purifier because you are mainly exposed to phthalates through inhalation so it’s important to purify the air. Consider opting for a portable air purifier so that you can transport it from one room to another without any difficulty.


You’ve probably already heard of ammonia, it’s almost everywhere, in glass cleaners, polishing agents for sinks and bathroom fixtures and even in hair dyes. Ammonia evaporates very fast so there’s a good chance of inhaling this chemical compound. If you are struggling with asthma or other respiratory disorders, make avoid using products that contain ammonia because it can really affect you. Other than that, when combined with bleach it can create a poisonous gas. If you can’t avoid it completely, opt for an air purifier to ensure that it’s removed completely.


Generally speaking, city water is filtered with the help of chlorine. But that doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe to consume. Chlorine acts as an respiratory irritant, so if you have asthma it’s vital to find ways to remove it or at least reduce it to prevent further health problems. Consider installing a whole house water filter in your house to ensure that it’s eliminated right from the start. We are also exposed to chlorine even when taking a shower or a bath but with the help of a whole house filter you can eliminate it completely.


Mold thrives in places where there’s a high content of humidity in the air. Mold can cause several health problems, such as chronic cough, eye irritation, sinus congestion and even trigger asthma attacks. You can find mold in any damp area in your home. It’s on the walls, floors and even on your mattress. To clean your mattress, vacuum it first and then use some isopropyl alcohol mixed with water to scrub the moldy area of the mattress. A good tip is to replace your old mattress with a one of the 2015 best mattresses, preferably a latex mattress because they are resistant to mold, dust mites, bed bugs and so on. Since there are many mattress models to choose from, we advise you to do some research on the 2015 best mattresses, read some reviews and make an informed purchase.