Discover the causes of blocked drains and take action

If you experience slow draining, overflowing and unpleasant smells this represents a sign that you have a problem with the drainage system. Obviously, you need to act immediately in order to avoid considerable damage and financial loss that will affect you on long term. At the beginning, you might believe that the situation is not serious enough and choose to ignore these signs, but this represents a major mistake that can worsen things. Indeed, sometimes the water pressure can simply clean the drain without the need of a man’s contribution, but you cannot take the risk because this happy scenario rarely happens.

Learn the causes of blocked drains

Many house owners face problematic drainage systems that cause negative effects and frustration. Fortunately, there are certain ways to prevent them by starting to pay more attention to our disposables like paper towels, wet wipes, leftovers and even hair. It is also recommended a quick inspection of the pipes and if you cannot deal with it personally, you can just reach out to your local plumber or a professional company. You are aware of solutions and ways to avoid these situations, but do you know what the causes are? Well, there are various causes of blocked drains and usually it all starts in the bathroom or the kitchen with forgetting debris in the sink or throwing various items in the toilet. Outdoors, leaves and small parts of trees can stop the water flow. Foreign and non-biodegradable objects also represent the main cause leading to blocked drains.

In the bathroom

If you want to protect your home from possible damages such as flooding that has many negative effects, starting from the musty smell to affecting the foundation, the walls and even your health, you have to avoid certain bad habits.  Flushing down the toilet different items, like cotton wool and toilet paper rolls is definitely one of the causes that can produce drain blockage and this fact can easily slip our mind. In addition, sometimes we do not even realize that leaving hair in the bathtub after washing will lead to serious consequences because it can stop dirt, which will end up blocking the drain. If you make a small effort, in time you will remember the right way to get rid of your disposables.

In the kitchen

We all know that kitchen is the space used for cooking and eating food, but we are not aware of the consequences that may appear if we do not handle leftovers with care. Gradually, leftovers, grease and different small items can gather into the pipe, not allowing the water flow to pass. In order to prevent this from happening, you must regularly clean the pipes with high quality solutions and stop pouring warm oils or grease in the sink. Just wait for them to cool down and throw them in the bin. In conclusion, it is important to learn the causes of drain blockage in order to avoid future problems.