DIY sewing projects for beginner level

Owning a sewing machine enables you to get creative and design different items and toys for your children, as well as some house hold items for your house. You can always turn some leftover fabrics to create them and nothing is going to be thrown away ever again. Children will surely appreciate your efforts to make them cute items and toys and maybe you can open their appetite for DIY projects. If you are not still the owner of a sewing machine, you can easily check more ratings on some products available on the market. Moreover, if you need some ideas on this topic, we are here to help you.

1. Cute DIY zipper pencil case

Dare to go for a zipper and create your child a beautiful pencil case. All you are going to need is a zipper and a rigid fabric, as well as you sewing machine. This little project will only take you 15 minutes. Cut your rigid fabric in a rectangular shape at desired dimensions and sew it in a tube. From the same fabric, measure and cut two matching circles, slightly bigger than the tube’s circumference. With care, sew in place one circle at an end of your tube. At the other end, first measure, cut and sew the zipper and the circle afterwards. Congratulations! You successfully accomplished this mission.

2. Easy DIY baby blanket

If you want to spend some relaxing yet productive time while your baby is sleeping, you could try to create a colorful blanket for them. All you need is some spare time, some fabric, and some basic sewing skill, given the fact that all you need to do is sew in straight lines. You are going to need a charm pack, or you could choose to cut into squares pieces from fabrics with different patterns. Randomly arrange and sew them together at a desired dimension. Cut a piece of a soft fabric at the same dimensions and sew the two to together. Here you have it, a new baby blanket for your little one.

3. Sew a superhero cape for your child

Every child deserves to be a superhero, and if you are the happy owner of a sewing machine, you can manage to create one yourself. All you are going to need is two types of fabric in different colors about 1/2-1 yard long and a piece of Velcro. Accordingly to your child’s measurements, cut the fabric to fit from the base of their neck to where you want the end of the cape to be. That means about 20 inches long, generally. Fold the fabric in two and cut it into a shape resembling a cape. Sew the Velcro pieces at the thinnest end and maybe sew a superhero logo as well. Whatever you decide to do with that leftover fabric, be aware that the Internet is full of tutorials and easy step by step DIY projects that require a sewing machine. Take advantage of it if you already have one, and of not, you should consider purchasing one. It is a pleasant way to spend the spare time you have.