Essential Safety Guidelines when Using Custom Adhesives

Right now, more industries and businesses across the UK than ever before are deciding to make the switch to custom adhesive products. From adhesive medical tape convertors to bespoke glue manufacturers and countless more besides, those who produce high-quality adhesives for a limitless variety of purposes have never been more in demand. Surpassing every other joining technique available at the moment, custom adhesive products have the very real potential to be uniquely convenient, affordable, easy to use, dependable and reliable long-term. But as is the case with all adhesive products across the board, it is extremely important to bear a few safety considerations in mind when using such products. It is often not until an unfortunate situation presents itself that the real importance of being careful with industrial adhesives is considered. Suffice to say, it is always a much better idea to work in a proactive manner in order to avoid such situations altogether – the following safety tips being perhaps some of the most important of all:

1 – Read the Instructions

First up, the very nature of custom adhesive products is such that means that no two products will ever be the same. Therefore, when it comes to the manner they should be used, the safety measures that should be taken while using them and of course how not to use them, the specific instructions might very well be completely unique to every product. As such, the real importance of always taking the time to read the instructions and making sure you understand everything prior to using the products can’t be overstated. Working with any adhesive products without knowing exactly what it’s you’re working with could be extremely dangerous to say the least.

2 – Don’t Make Assumptions

Similarly, it’s crucial to make sure that you don’t make assumptions regarding to when and how the product in question should and can be used. There is really no such thing as a one-size-fits-all adhesive – exactly the reason why custom adhesives are produced and purchased in the first place. Therefore, it does not matter if logic is telling you that the adhesive product you have will just work fine for a different purpose or a different material – if it is not its intended purpose, it is to be avoided completely. The risk simply is not worth taking.

3 – Use PPE if Needed

Speaking of risk, it is often not until you find yourself with some amount of highly hazardous adhesive in your eyes that you start to fully appreciate the incredible importance of personal protective equipment. It is the same in largely every area of business and industry these days, where personal protective equipment is often overlooked as not necessary, therefore there being not much point bothering with it. The unfortunate reality is though, thousands of workers every year find out the hard way they very much in fact needed PPE. Worse, the fact that they did not follow the instructions effectively puts every bit of responsibility and blame on their shoulders. It is really not much to ask to make use of PPE when needed when handling industrial adhesive products, so it is always worth doing so.

4 – Don’t Mix Adhesives

A crucially important rule that should be applied to a huge variety of substances, mixing any adhesive products together is a really terrible idea. As you personally have zero idea how the ingredients of one adhesive might react when mixed with another, you are basically playing with fire. Industrial adhesive products are these days produced to be as safe as possible, but the simple fact is that the moment you mix two or more together, you will create a brand new substance which has the very real potential to be quite dangerous to say the least.

5 – Follow Removal Instructions

Last but not least, there will always be some minor hiccups and accidents around the workplace which only means it’s inevitable that at one point or another, at least some adhesive will end up in a place it was not supposed to go. That does not necessarily have to be the end of the world as when high-quality adhesive products have been used, there are many ways and means by which the products could be removed safely. Nonetheless, it is of crucial importance not to just make assumptions and to make up your own strategy for removing the adhesive. If you do not follow the removal instructions in such instances, there is every chance you will make things worse than they already are.