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Supply chain leadership during coronavirus lockdown: The case for working from home

May 26 2020 The novel coronavirus has spread rapidly around the world forcing organizations to rethink strategies and change the way they work. Pretty much everyone is working from home these days. COVID-19 is a wake-up call for the supply chain, as well as logistics, which find themselves most vulnerable to the movement restrictions. Companies from all over […]

Guide to Prepare the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Nov 27 2019
The Thanksgiving turkey is one of the most awaited meals of the year, and with all of your loved ones gathering at your place to enjoy it, you want to do your best and cook them up a treat to remember. To make that perfect turkey everyone is expecting to be served with, check out our guide and follow the steps in it.

Healthy eating 101 – Learning how to manage your health through eating

Oct 29 2019
We know it very well that diet influences our mood and health enormously. Today, it is very difficult to have a balanced diet. A crazy schedule, a busy lifestyle and running around, definitely have a word to say in this whole matter. The diet culture, the way we relate to and interact with food, all […]

Ways to Help Your Children Adjust to a Move

Oct 03 2019
There are so many things that can cause families to have to move to a new community, including job loss or transfers and the need to help extended family. Sometimes a move may be just across town, or it could be all the way across the country or world. There are certain steps that parents […]

3 Gift Ideas for Your Outdoors Loving Family Member

Oct 03 2019
If you have an outdoors-loving friend or family member, you know that selecting a gift for this person isn’t always a walk in the park. Folks who spend a lot of time in the outdoors often have strong opinions about their equipment, and many hang onto their favorite gear for years and years. What to […]

Finding the right dance style for you should not be difficult

Sep 11 2019
Do you want to wear a tutu or a pair of flowy pants? Do you like to listen to Latino music or classic music? When you choose to enrol in a dance class you need to determine what style is the right one for you. Dancing can be a great way to improve your health […]

College Ahead! Helping Your Child Get Ready for Student Life

Apr 04 2019
After many years of parenting, letting go of your child to the detriment of college life is a hard thing to do. There are both feelings of pride and excitement mixed with waves of nostalgia and a sense of loss. You are worrying that your child is going to live far away from you starting […]

What does it take to be successful in college?

Mar 23 2019
As a student, you face numerous challenges, being they emotional or academic, no matter if you are in your senior year or you are a freshman. One semester you may get great grades, but one semester you may have difficulties in getting the same results and this may be stressful for you. All semesters are […]

Home decluttering tips and tricks that everybody will love

Feb 20 2019
Cluttered homes are proven to increase anxiety and depression chances. This is why many psychologists recommend keeping a house clean and tidy for lowering negative emotions and feelings. While improving your mental health, clean and tidy homes will also make you feel physically better. This will make you feel more relaxed and jollier and will […]

Fight depression with yoga

Oct 27 2018
Both young and senior people are dealing with depression. It seems to be the mental condition of the century, everyone is predisposed to suffer from a mild form of depression at least once in their lifetime. If some prefer to hide this condition from everyone, and they find difficult to admit that they are suffering […]