Finding the right dance style for you should not be difficult

Do you want to wear a tutu or a pair of flowy pants? Do you like to listen to Latino music or classic music? When you choose to enrol in a dance class you need to determine what style is the right one for you. Dancing can be a great way to improve your health and to boost your overall wellbeing, but to get these results, you should like the dance style you practice. You may have always wanted to dance, but you were afraid that your legs and feet will hurt from rehearsals, and something stopped you from taking your passion to the next level. Well, choosing the right dance style will make you be more comfortable with this decision. Here are some tips that will help you.

Search for inspiration

Before starting to look for local classes you should watch some YouTube tutorials and TV shows to see what dance style catches your attention. A great show to watch is Strictly because you not only that see different dance styles you can inspire from, but also because professionals like Craig Revel Horwood evaluate couples’ dance and recommend them what to improve. It will help you understand if certain dance styles are right for you.

Determine what your physical fitness level is

Before enrolling to a class, you should assess your body’s capabilities because they influence the type of dance you can perform. You may want to try a salsa class, but if you cannot remember when is the last time you were active, then you should try something more relaxed first. You may have seen the professionals dancers from Strictly evaluated by Craig Revel Horwood performing amazing moves but they have a vast experience in the industry, so you should consider them your role models and try to adapt your moves to your physical condition.

What is your goal?

Do you want to learn to dance for your wedding? Do you intend to enrol in a contest like the one Craig Revel Horwood judges? So you want to lose weight? You need to decide what your goal is, and it will help you determine what dance style you should choose. Make sure you choose something you like, no matter what your purpose is.

What skills and abilities do you have?

Do you want to do something fun that allows you to socialise with other people? Then you should try something cool like a hip-hop dance class. If you are interested and enthusiastic about the activity you perform, you’ll work harder to achieve your goal. So you should think what you like, and what skills you have, they will influence the type of dance you can perform. If your legs find hard to synchronise you should ask a professional to recommend you a beginner dance style that can help you improve your abilities. The most common dance styles you can choose from are: ballet, ballroom dancing, latin style, street dancing, belly dancing, acro, country, theatrical dance, jazz and contemporary dance.