Five reasons why you should encourage your child to try arts & crafts

  Children have a curious and open mind, they always love trying new things, playing with new toys, discovering the world around them. Some activities, as simple as they may seem to an adult, play an essential role in the child’s development and education. Arts and crafts are some of these activities, which is precisely why kindergartens and day care centers include them in their programs. However, creative DIY projects shouldn’t be just for school. Trying them with your child together, at home, is not only fun, but also beneficial for many reasons.

They develop coordination skills

Even the simplest kid’s crafts, such as coloring and clay modelling help improve bilateral coordination, which means using both hands at the same time. Moreover, tasks such as recognizing and putting together patterns and shapes improve fine motor coordination. Both of these are essential later on, when you child learns how to read and write. You can find many fun kids crafts projects on websites such as, but make sure you try only the ones that are suitable for your child’s age and level and that wouldn’t cause any harm.

Boosting creativity

Many parents believe that a creative mind is required only in artistic careers such as painter or musician, but that is not true. Creativity is a great quality to have in any field of activity and it should be boosted from an early age. And what better way to awaken your child’s creative spirit than by letting them make their own handmade projects?


Once a child successfully completes a DIY project and see how good the finished product looks, they will immediately gain more self-confidence. Praise your son or daughter for what they have achieved, because this will encourage them to take on more creative projects and believe in themselves. For us adults, a colored family portrait or a hand-written birthday car may seem rudimentary. For a child, they are massive achievements, and they should be encouraged.

Quality family time

Nowadays, more and more parents are so preoccupied with their jobs and daily responsibility and forget what truly matters: spending quality time with their children and bonding. Spending at least a few hours every weekend with your little one working on a fun project together is a great way to relax and get closer. It will make your child trust you more and increase communication between you two.

They teach patience             

All children tend to be impatient sometimes and it can be difficult to explain to them the power of waiting by using just words. However, arts and crafts can indirectly help. For example, if a certain project requires the glue to dry or the clay to harden, your child will slowly learn that having patience is essential.

Kids crafts ideas to try

Depending on your children’s age, there are several DIY projects that they can try under your supervision. For example, you can make cute birthday cards or decorations to place around the house. If your child is old enough, you can also try scrapbooking, pottery, sewing or science projects!