Four common myths about mould debunked

One of the most popular myths about indoor mould is that it cannot affect people’s health in any way. Truth is those who believe this is true could not have been any more wrong than this. Mould can cause caught, sneezing or even asthma. This is the reason why it is recommended to look for companies that provide mould removal services Toronto as soon as possible. Below are other four common myths about mould debunked by specialists.

Mould will only grow in wet places

People tend to believe that the only favourable places for mould growth are the wet ones, which is not true. Mould does need moisture or a high level of humidity in order to develop, but it can grow in the same area even if that area has completely dried out, because those mould spores take their “energy” from moisture out of the air in the room. In order for the mould to die off, the level of humidity has to be lower than 5%.

If I dry the affected area, I will eliminate mould

People have the misconception that the best method to eliminate mould is by only drying out the affected area. It is true that this step is an important one in the process of removing mould, but after the area is dried out, it is recommended to take a microfiber cloth and some professional mould-cleaning products and scrub the surface. In case this does not solve the problem, people should resort to the professional services of a mould removal company.

 Painting over the mould solves the problem

Many people think that if they spend a great deal of money on paint and paint over mould is the best way to rid their homes of this serious problem. However, things are not as many would think, because if they simply redecorate or paint over mould, they might notice that after only a few months mould has reappeared. Mould spores can eat the paint, no matter how mould-resistant it is.

Bleach is the greatest enemy for mould

Most people believe that a good method to remove mould is by using a cloth and some bleach. It is worth mentioning that household chemicals as it is the case of bleach might help fight mould for a short period, but they will not remove it completely and it might keep coming back after a while. Bleach can even aggravate the situation if the area that is being treated is not quickly dried, since this chemical is a water based product.