Category: Gardening Tips

All Things St. Augustine

Oct 07 2019
If you are considering re-sodding your lawn with St. Augustine, save yourself time, money and a whole lot of frustration by researching the ideal conditions and care for this type of grass. Sprucing up your yard can be overwhelming. Not to worry, use the following tips to help you decide if St. Augustine is the […]

Integrated Pest Management

Feb 01 2019
IPM, a modern more eco-conscious approach to pest control. How great is it to know your kids and pets are safe and your home is pest free? Another great benefit of using this method is you can actually target the pest you are trying to kill without harming other eco-friendly insects, like butterflies. The use […]

Seasonal Tips to Keep Your Yard Lush Year-round

Jan 28 2019
When you want to have beautiful lawns on your residential or commercial property, it is essential to care for the lawns year-round. Here are some tips for keeping your lawns in top-notch condition throughout the year.  Winter Season Protect the soil that is underneath the ice and snow. You might think that it is okay […]

Starting your backyard farm – An easy guide

Sep 24 2018
The current food system is both unhealthy and unsustainable. Modern agriculture is far from what it used to be decades ago and relies heavily on chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified species. The cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle is growing your own food, today. But is this possible in today’s living context? Agriculture experts like Luis […]

Why you should use a professional lawn care service

Apr 12 2017
  Do you want to achieve the lawn of your dreams? Of course you do. There’s not a single person that wouldn’t want a lavish, healthy area of green grass. A manicured garden makes a bold impact. Even a small patch of green can make your outdoor space more inviting.  The secret to having the […]

Benefits of having water features installed on your in-ground pool

Mar 22 2016
Even if you are not particularly an excellent swimmer, you can still enjoy a swimming pool. Having a backyard will help you keep in shape, not to mention that it is s fun place to enjoy quality time with your family. So, yes investing in a swimming pool is a good idea. Another investment worth […]

How to Care for Potted Plants in Wintertime

Apr 01 2015
When it comes to caring for potted plants, you need to pay extra attention. Most people assume that they don’t need a lot of care of maintenance work but the truth is that if you don’t provide them with optimal conditions they will not grow or flourish they way you want to.

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Yard Maintenance Tips by Season

Jan 11 2015
If you want to enjoy a beautiful and thriving lawn all year long, you have to take care of it during every season and you have to adapt the maintenance to the needs of the season. This article will teach you how to water, mow, fertilize and clean the soil and the grass throughout the year, so that your yard will always look great.

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