Three Tips for Getting an Epoxy Garage Floor at the Right Price

There’s no question that an epoxy floor is your best bet for a durable garage surface. Bare concrete soaks up contaminants that are hard to get out after the fact and comes in only one color – light gray that turns to a darker gray over the years. Epoxy floors come in a variety of colors – you can even match your floor up with the colors of your favorite school or your favorite ride. Epoxy floors are a lifetime investment in your garage’s appearance. However, some homeowners are concerned about the cost. You get what you pay for, but how can you get it done in the most cost-effective way possible? Your cost to epoxy floor depends on a number of factors. Obviously, the square footage of your garage is the main thing that determines how much material your contractor will need, but there are others.

Make Sure Your Existing Concrete Is in Good Shape

If your concrete is clean, not cracked, and level, the surface preparation will be minimal. Your contractor will still need to treat the surface for the coats of epoxy, but you will not need to repair the floor first. On the other hand, you’re kidding yourself if you apply epoxy coatings to a poorly maintained, cracked, or non-level surface. A floor is only as good as what’s under it.

Watch Out for Obstacles and Obstructions

It’s easiest and best if you can remove all shelving, fixtures, and other obstacles before your floor is installed. If your garage is still full of items that must be removed when the crew arrives, you may pay extra for the time and effort to get your floor ready.

Cleanliness Counts

Likewise, the cleanliness of your floor may be a factor that affects your costs and the quality of the result. The surface to be coated must be clean and free of grease, dust, and debris before your contractor can begin work. When working with an existing garage floor that has had vehicles parked on it, pressure washing prior to the crew’s arrival can deep-clean the oil, grease, and other fluids that even the best maintained cars can leave behind. Get a contractor who is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and can provide a definite written estimate, along with a plan and timetable for getting the work done. If you work with a reputable company, you’ll get a great result at a reasonable price.