Getting the most from your dehumidifier

Do you have a dehumidifier in the home? Of course, you do. You know very well that moisture from the ground creates big problems and you were not willing to risk your family’s health. You got the household appliance the moment that you noticed signs of moisture. The question now is whether you know how to properly use the dehumidifier. Chances are that you do not know how to use it in an effective way. You should not feel bad about it because no one knows how to effectively use a dehumidifier. Well, except for us. Keep on reading to find out how to get the most out of your household appliance.

Do not run the dehumidifier when moisture levels are below 5o percent

The moisture level of any room in the home should be somewhere between 45 and 55 percent. If humidity levels are beyond 65 percent, you should be worried because is prone to growing at this level. If, on the other hand, the moisture levels drop, refrain from using the dehumidifier. The machine will not produce enough impact. The dehumidifier should be used in a smart way. Pay attention to the inbuilt sensors. 

Place the dehumidifier in the right place  

The dehumidifier provides best results when it is placed in the right spot. If you do not believe us, then visit and see for yourself. But where are you supposed to place the device? The answer is not so simple. It all depends on the type of household appliance that you have purchased. For instance, if you have a model with a top-mounted air discharge, it is best to position it against the wall. On the other hand, if the dehumidifier does not have any special feature, it is up to you to decide which the right place is. Just make sure that there is plenty of space around the unit. Examples of areas in the home where you can accommodate the device are the basement and the bathroom.

Regularly empty the dehumidifier’s water container

If you want the dehumidifier to achieve peak performance, empty the water container more often. This will help the unit function more effectively. How often you should empty the dehumidifier’s water container depends on the moisture level in your home. Keep track of the water levels in the unit and see how often it needs to be emptied. And cleaned. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that some household appliance features a pump. If you have this kind of device, then it will not be necessary to empty the water container, as the hose will drain it outside. You can install an automatic pump if you want.

Vacuum before anything

An ingenious thing that you can do to improve your dehumidifier’s performance is vacuuming before turning it on. The air filtering system works by sucking in the particles contained in the atmosphere. What happens if there is dust is that the air flow passage becomes obstructed. Basically, the household device doesn’t work as it should. It is recommendable to vacuum prior to using the device. Vacuuming helps prevent the spreading of dust particles, which is essential if you are allergic.