Hobbies that can help you gain some extra money

You have probably always looked for a few ways to make some extra money, without having to make a big career change. Whether you just have some free time on your hands and you want to do something productive or you simply want to take on a useful hobby, here are a few ideas that you could try:

Sell scrap non-ferrous metals

Unless you take on this hobby professionally, you will probably not win an incredibly large amount of money, but it is something that will allow you to make something, not to mention that you will be active in the fight for a healthier environment. Just think of all those soda cans that you through away every month. If you gather everything in one bin, you will surely manage to raise something at the end of each month. If you have any old copper door knobs around your house, hidden inside a box somewhere, why not transform them into cash, by selling them to a scrap iron Toronto company? You could even start looking for them at various garage sales or flea markets. You will be surprised to see how many amazing things you can find in the process and be able to make some extra cash out of this.


If you have always been great with knitting and you love to make your own sweaters, hats and gloves, why not share what you make with others and even ask some money in the process as well? You will be doing something that you like and you could make a decent profit out of it. These days, advertising for anything is quite easy, provided that you have a Facebook account. Of course, you can always sell your items on websites such as Craigslist, eBay or even Etsy.

Write a book

Perhaps you are really good with your words, so why not write a book about something you are passionate about? Publishing an online book can be easily done with websites such as Amazon. This will be something that you will enjoy doing and when you are done, you may soon discover that there are people who would actually love to hear what you have to say about a certain topic. You don’t have to write a novel in order to be successful. Non-fiction books can actually bring in larger revenues, especially for new writers who just now make their way on the market.