Home Theft Protection: Securing Home Entrances

Theft is one of these things that we never want to hear of, but at the same time, we do not take any safety precautions, especially when we go on holidays. Home safety is very important and we have to be aware of it in every moment because robbery can be an awful experience. In order to prevent this type of situations, we come to your attention with some useful tips and advice.

Secure the doors

Many of the robbers enter through the front and back doors, so this is why you have to start by blocking and securing the doors entrance access. Most of us think that a thief is not capable to enter through the front door, but it is one of the most common things that happen because they know exactly what they are searching for. This is why you should assure your house with smart locks because they are able to notify you if someone is trying to enter in. These type of locks can easily connect to your phone and check your identity by Bluetooth to find out if you are allowed to get in the house. You can also lock or unlock the door even if you are far away.

Garage Door & Gate Openers

Most often people disregard their garages and do not think that thieves can infiltrate there, so they do nothing concerning the garages’ safety. Gates & Garage door maintenance is good for preventing emergencies, improving suitability and, especially, ensuring safety. There are three types of garage door openers: screw drive, chain drive, and belt drive. Control and keypad systems are the most beneficial items of gate door openers. Most of these devices have a touch button that is very efficient and can be handled easily. A garage door opener with sensors is a good choice, too, because it can spot any strange object that is in the path of the door so it will stop the door from closing. Garage door openers have also other types of safety tools such as motors, lights, holiday settings, force guard control and battery backups.

Keep your windows safe

People think that it is impossible for a thief to enter the house through the window but unfortunately, this is really possible because neighbors will not react at the noise of a broken window even more if they hear it just once. Maybe it is not necessary to break the window, but simply unlock it because most of them are not latched with proper locks. So this is why it is important to purchase a good lock that does not allow to be broken. We recommend you fitting bolts and locks which protect the frames, making them firmer and almost impossible to unlock, rather than the traditional locks which just guard the handle. Additionally, windows are usually surrounded by big vegetation, it is true that it offers you privacy but it is also convenient for robbers to hide behind. In this case, make sure you trim and cut it to keep your house safe. You could even plant spiky plants around the windows to make it not only unbreakable but also painful.

Consider buying an alarm system

Buying a proper alarm is the right choice, even though it may be an expensive one. Buying an alarm which breaks down when you are on a trip can cost a great amount of money, plus you have to make an annual check which is an extra cost. You also have to rely on your neighbors phoning the police if something bad happens. In order to avoid all these things, it is better to make an investment to purchase an efficient one. Some types of alarms connect directly to the police and they will come as soon as possible to solve the case. No matter the alarm type, make sure that they have the red bell box because it represents the most credible item to chase away the robbers.

When you leave the house…

  • annul all the deliveries, ask your neighbors to pick up your parcels
  • leave the lights on or set timers that can turn on by themselves at random time
  • ask your neighbors to visit your house from time to time
  • activate the alarm and tell the police where you keep the key
  • cut all the vegetation and bushes so that the surface does not look dense
  • make sure that you have closed and locked the garage