How to Build a Tiki Bar in Your Backyard

If you are trying to find ways to decorate your plain backyard or simply make it stand out, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ve gathered some useful tips and tricks on how to build a Tiki bar from scratch. You’ve probably asking yourself “why a tiki bar and not just a regular bar?”. Well, this is an exotic and fun way to make your backyard look unique and get that summer feel, regardless of the time of the year. Let’s get it started!

Choose the location

The first step in building a Tiki bar is to choose the location. If you have a large yard, this will not pose you any problems. You’ll just have to pick a spot that is large enough for you to build the bar and place stools and decorative items. So feel free to choose any flattering spot in your yard, with the condition that it is not facing west, otherwise the sunrays will bother you and your guests quite a lot. If you have a small backyard, a great tip is to built the bar under a tree and avoid constructing it in the middle of the yard where it will obstruct movement.

Think about dimensions

When it comes to building a Tiki bar, the key is to not rush things. Take some time to make a sketch and plan the dimensions. This is an important element to keep in mind if you don’t want to end up with uneven shelves, a narrow roof and so on. Here’s a word of advice: try to make the bar at least 40 inches tall and 24-25 inches wide so that you have enough room to mix your drinks. Last but not least, think about where you are planning to store your liquor. Then you can start building some shelves or build a back bar.

Decorate the Tiki bar

A Tiki bar is not complete without some traditional decoration items, such as paper lanterns, ukuleles, hula girls figurines and so on. You can also place some tikis, Polynesian figurines that you can choose to hand-carve them with the help of some tutorials and step-by-step instructions or you can order them online. Give free reign to your imagination and start decorating. If you are not too artsy or feeling not too creative, remember that the internet is full of images and fun DIY ideas.

Stock the bar

After you’ve finished constructing your Tiki bar and decorating it to suit your tastes, don’t overlook this step because it is as important as the previous ones. Many friends will now gather in your backyard and sit at the bar, while having a drink and telling stories and jokes. So you have to make sure that you have only fragrant, fresh and tasty ingredients for you to create some amazing cocktails! You can find a variety of cocktail recipes online as well as tutorials that will help you create some delicious cocktails for your guests.