How to decorate a holiday property to assure its success on the rental market

As a holiday property owner, chances are you will permanently try to stand out from the crowd and make your property unique and highly desired on the rental market. A higher rental price and more clients mean increased profit from a property. If you found a holiday property for sale Cape Verde located and you are thrilled to decorate it for rental, we have plenty of ideas you might find pleasing.

Create a home away from home in your vacation property

You might think this is an unnecessary expense, this is what your clients desire. Minimal expenses can emulate the feeling of cosiness and add a personal touch. A great way of doing so is by hanging a couple of pictures on the walls, minimalistic ones or even inexpensive artwork. Even DIY items work wonders on the general appearance of your property. Throw pillows and blankets will surely contribute to the cosiness feeling you are trying to provide for your clients. Moreover, a couple of boardgames will surely help, especially if your clients consist of families with children. Flowers and vases, even fake ones will create a comfortable look in your house and this will increase your property’s request on the rental market.

Decorate your rental with tasteful furniture

We all hate going on vacation and having the feeling of living in a continuous time loop. This usually happens because of out of date furniture owners choose to bring in their rentals. Yes, you might not need your old couch at home, but most probably, your clients won’t enjoy it either. Make sure you choose tasteful furniture, and create an opened and clean space. Lots of natural light will contribute a lot, and the general feeling they are not staying in a discarded furniture warehouse. A few ageless pieces, like a minimalistic coffee table, minimalistic beds, lamps and a few modern baskets for magazines will create the feeling of luxury, even though you didn’t invest much in decorating your vacation property.

Modern kitchen and bathroom

These are the hot spots when it comes to rentals. Clients want to make sure that proper hygiene levels can be maintained, in both of these places. Modern kitchen appliances contribute equally to increasing your property’s value on the local rental market, as well as other modern facilities, such as Internet connection and HVAC systems. Make sure you bear in mind these pieces of advice and turn the vacation property you have in a luxury destination in a highly profitable one.