In order to celebrate Halloween to the fullest, you should not obsess solely on the coolest Halloween costumes 2015 ideas, but expand your interest to the decorative field as well. When Halloween is around the corner, it means it is time to deck your home with vibrant pumpkins and other creepy Halloween decorations. This year why not step outside of the traditional carved jack-o-lantern and decorate your porch in a spooky curb appeal.

Spider egg sac

Add a creepy touch to your doorway with a globe-shaped incubator filled with toy spiders. You can also make several sacs and suspend them in your porch,at various heights. It is very easy to make a spider egg sac and also super creepy. You just need black plastic spider rings, 3-4 larger spiders, 1 spider web, 1 black balloon, polyfil stuffing and glue gun.

Giant spiderweb

Simply go and buy a giant spiderweb for your home and hang it above your front porch. Put some fake spiders on it and it will definitely add a scary touch to your home.


Pumpkins are part of the Halloween decor and they must not miss when decorating your porch. Do not confine pumpkins to the ground: if the porch has a stable overhang then you should use a ladder to elevate your display by placing a few mini pumpkins overhead.

Skeletal gourds

Give trick-or-treaters and guests a creepy welcome by framing your porch with some skeletal gourds. These bottle-gourd scarecrow painted white, with features added in black felt tip pen will definitely create an extra spooky d├ęcor. Just spear them on sticks and put them in your porch in order to create a festive welcome to your Halloween home.

Spooky skeleton pumpkins

A few carved pumpkins will look as if they are reaching from beyond the grave in your porch. Choose a pair of pumpkins to form each arm-hand combo. Determine which one is the tallest in order to serve as the arm and trim its stem so the other pumpkin can stay securely on the top. Carve a hole in the bottom of one pumpkin, scoop out the pulp, and return the cut pieces. Print some skeletal templates and resize them on a copier in order to fit the pumpkins. After doing that,you need to cut the template stencils and fix the arm stencil to the bottom pumpkin with masking tape. Trace on the design with a felt-tip pen. Do the same with the other pumpkin. After you remove the stencils,carefully carve along the drawn lines and affix a battery-operated votive candle with adhesive in the base of each pumpkin.

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