How to Make Your Living Room Stand Out

So do you want to redecorate your living room but you are out of ideas? No problem. After reading the following tips and tricks, you will surely find a way of adding to your living room a more personal touch in order to make it stand out more.

Light or dark colours?

When it comes to fully redecorate any room, you should first think of the wall painting. This is the most important choice you will make because the furniture, decorations, and the vibe will be based off on the colour of the walls. If your living room is small-sized you can paint the walls in light colours such as white, light gray, pale peach, cream, light blue, or pale brown. These colours go well with almost any furniture and decorations you decide to put in your living room. But if dark colours are the ones for you, then go for it. Moreover, dark painted walls will make your living room look more elegant but just remember to add bright coloured furniture and decorations.

What about the furniture?

You should always choose furniture according to the size of your living room because there is nothing more annoying than having no room to move. It is better to buy furniture that does not occupy much space and keep in mind that less is better. Do not go overboard with furniture and decorations. The fewer items you have, the more relaxed the living room will look.

Adding mirrors

If you feel the need for your living room to look larger, you can make a use out of mirrors. By placing mirrors near or in front of the window, you can get the feeling of a bigger and lighter room. Also, there are many mirror shapes, sizes, and designs and you will for certainly find something that meets your needs.

Easy DIY projects

There are endless possibilities when it comes to DIY projects for your living room. For example, if you have some remaining curling ribbon from last Christmas, you can still make a use out of it. You can make some curly ribbon piles by cutting as many pieces of different coloured curling ribbons as you like. Then, take a scissor and curl the pieces of ribbon using the edge of the scissor. Finally, take some bowls or clear vases and sit the ribbon in piles. This is just one easy DIY project, but you can find more if you want to make some handcrafted decorations.

Flowers bring your living room a fresher look

Flowers can make any room look fresher and cleaner. And if you are not that into flowers, you can opt for fake succulents – some of them look very natural.